10 Techy Updates To Your Favorite Childhood Toys

The future is now. Treat the grown-up adult you are with a Fire HD Tablet — the ultimate tech toy.


Mishi Design / amazon.com

Trikke / amazon.com


Then: One foot on, one to push.
Now: Never lift a foot! Rocking back and forth propels you forward.


Little Tikes / amazon.com

ENNO / amazon.com


Then: Serviceable. Classic. Timeless.
Now: It’s a remote-controlled sports car big enough for a small human. It’s basically magic.


Hot Wheels / amazon.com

Hot Wheels / amazon.com


Then: One loop-the-loop.
Now: Three loop-the-loops, and the largest one is 3 feet tall.


Monopoly / amazon.com

Monopoly / amazon.com


Then: Classic cash money.
Now: No cash. Credit cards. Monopoly with CREDIT CARDS.


GeoSpace / amazon.com

Hasbro / amazon.com


Then: Good, clean fun with a counter, if you’re lucky.
Now: A veritable laser light show with multiple colors and patterns for every level.


Nintendo / amazon.com

Nintendo / amazon.com


Then: Are there even more than 8 bits?
Now: 3D graphics and a 3D camera?! That’s amazing!


Gayla Industries / amazon.com

UDI RC / amazon.com


Then: Powered by a rubber band!
Now: It has omni-directional navigation and a flight camera and is powered by, idk, magic probably?


Hasbro / amazon.com

Hasbro / amazon.com


Then: A lightbulb.
Now: A real electric oven!


K'Nex / amazon.com

K'Nex / amazon.com


Then: A non-working spacecraft.
Now: A fully working grandfather clock.


Toysmith / amazon.com

Memorex / amazon.com


Then: An echo mic that distorted your voice
Now: A full-size mic that records your voice and connects to your phone and has multiple audio settings.

Get yourself the toy you’ve always wanted — a Fire HD tablet.

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