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11 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Tablet

Why limit yourself? Whether it's for work or play, the opportunities are endless when you have an awesome tablet at your side, like the Kindle Fire HDX.

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1. Mentally strained from your nonstop lifestyle? Unwind with some games.

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There are so many awesome games you can play just to let your brain unwind for a bit, including classic games like Pac-Man Lite and newer games likeCandy Crush Saga and Asphalt 8: Airborne. Or use them to distract the kids while you take a much-needed nap!

2. Watch awesome movies in your downtime, or while you're "working."


With services like Prime Instant Video, you can stream tons of your favorite movies and shows. Just make sure you "look productive" while you watch (if you're supposed to be doing something else).

3. Catch up on your reading from anywhere!


Always keep your current reads nearby, whether on your shelf or as ebooks on your device, or find awesome new ones. It's perfect for reading on the go, because who has time just to sit down and read these days?

4. Expand your entertainment to the big screen


Screen whatever you're watching on your tablet on your TV, without the pain of pulling cables to make it happen. Miracast makes it possible to wirelessly mirror movies, TV shows and photos from your tablet to your big-screen TV.

5. Stay on top of your emails.


No one likes a crowded inbox. With the enhanced email on tablets these days, checking emails, viewing annoying attachments, keeping track of conversations, and syncing your contacts doesn’t have to be such a mind-numbing experience!

7. Be the center of your entertainment universe.


You can actually set up your tablet to work as a remote control with Second Screen, which makes it possible to fling your content to a connected television AND use your device to control playback.

8. Need a navigation assistant for those long road trips? Look no further!


It's your weekend to haul the soccer team to their game that's three hours away? You know the players aren't going to help you navigate. Fortunately with apps like MapQuest, you can bypass traffic and make it to the game with plenty of time to warm up.

9. Capture those picture-perfect moments.

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Why bother lugging around an extra camera when you have an awesome camera on your tablet. With a camera-ready case, you can easily snap and upload the photos directly to the internet afterwards.

10. Stay on top of all your work, no matter where you are at!


With your busy lifestyle, it's important to be able to get things done on the go. Thanks to awesome productivity apps like OfficeSuite, you can catch up on any work you may have on your plate.

11. Use your tablet to help you live a healthy lifestyle!


You have a lot going on in your life. So instead of using all your energy to track your workouts and health achievements the old-fashioned way, you can rely on your tablet and apps such as the Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker to help you reach your goals!