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13 Foolproof Excuses You Can Use To Stay Home And Watch Your Favorite Show

Don't worry, you can stay on your couch. Get all your favorite shows at your fingertips with the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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1. "Uhh, yeah, the internet guy can only come between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m." / Via

"Sorry, I can't really live without that."

2. "Also, my parents are coming. I have to do the dishes and find the bottom of my sink."

"You have no idea how bad it is."

3. "I'm also having a large futon delivered from overseas."


"It's, like, really necessary for my new decorating binge."

4. "I have to finish a... uh... puzzle thingy."

"It is very important for my self-esteem."

5. "I need to try out this new homemade face mask."

"It has avocado in it and takes lots of preparation."

6. "OK, you caught me, it is a bit embarrassing, but I'm also out of clean socks and underwear."


"I know, TMI, sorry."

7. "And my cat will NOT OK my outfit."

"She is such a diva."

8. "She also needs a bath."

"And she is really picky about the time of the bath. I can't disobey her."

9. "I will probably be busy googling kidney stones."

Chuck / Warner Bros. Television Distribution /

"Something feels off, OK?!"

10. "I can't figure out if my pilot light is supposed to be on or off."

"I hear this is very serious."

11. "I also think I promised my roommate I'd practice karate with him."

"He, uhh, has like the most important karate match of his life tomorrow. I can't let him down."

12. "I have a spin class tomorrow morning."


"I'm pretty sure the guy who's teaching it is gonna ask me out. I just have to get up at 6 a.m. from now on to wait and see."

13. "But like, in all seriousness, I have leftover truffle mac 'n' cheese, and I need to guard it so my roommates don't eat it."

"They're night eaters. It is a problem."

Any excuse is a good excuse to stay in when you have an Amazon Fire TV stick!