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12 Seriously Stunning Evening Dresses You'll Want In Your Wardrobe ASAP

Festive season = time to stock up on party dresses.

1. Fully embrace the festive cheer with a red mini.

2. Be the glam queen you really are in full-length sequins.

3. Up the ante in a shoulder-serving midi dress.

4. Dress up in a classic cut for your family's festive celebrations...

5. Go full disco fever in a statement midi dress...

6. ...or this shorter version.

7. ...or how about some lace?

8. Make an entrance in this slinky number.

9. Dominate dinnertime in a classic with a twist.

10. Stop traffic in a show-stopping velvet midi.

11. Invest in the '80s trend with some power shoulders.

12. Embrace your inner goth in a classic black gown.

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