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13 Halloween Must-Haves That Are Trending On Amazon

Shop all of the hottest Halloween items on Amazon without having to leave the house.

1. A skull ring to say "I do" to the Halloween season.

2. A fun and frightening film to get into the Halloween spirit.

3. An inflatable prehistoric costume for your dino-loving youngster.

4. These adorable (or pretty spooky, depends on how much of a wimp you are) multicoloured ghost lights.

5. A fun Halloween reading adventure with your kid's favourite talking pig.

6. A unique unicorn getup that's perfect for a costume party or just lounging around the house.

7. Dark tunes from a legendary band to get you and maybe even some spooky skeletons rocking out Halloween-style.

8. Various chocolates that come in spooky shapes to give the kids and shameless adults coming to your door a bit of a trick with the treat.

9. Hand warmers to keep those candy grabbers from getting too cold while you're out trick-or-treating.

10. A scarily adorable hot dog costume for the cool pup in your life.

11. A goofy Halloween flick for the littles ones to enjoy, too.

12. A collection of short stories that will make you afraid of ever having to put the book down.

13. May the cuteness of this Star Wars baby Halloween costume not overwhelm you.

Avoid all of the tricks and get yourself some Halloween treats on Amazon.