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12 New Foods That Will Change Your Snack Game Forever

It's 2018 — start snacking like it! Amazon Launchpad stocks food and beverage products from today's brightest startups.

1. Fuel up like you're living in 2120 with this nutritionally complete drink:

2. Trade in the instant ramen of your youth for this vegan and gluten-free version:

3. The future is here, and it's this protein-rich chocolate chip cookie:

4. Help your taste buds (and the planet!) with these chips made from the discarded parts of plants:

5. Replace your olive jar with these mess-free olive packets:

6. Satisfy your old-school cravings with this new-age kettle corn:

7. Forget ketchup and mustard. The condiment of the future is spicy honey:

8. Challenge your preconceived notions about gluten-free breakfast treats with this pancake and waffle mix:

9. Indulge your candy cravings like a grown-up with these chewy vegetable snacks:

10. Mix things up with this high-protein pasta made from chickpeas(!!!):

11. Swap out boring old granola bars for these nutrient-rich chia bars:

12. Get hooked on these dairy-free caramels:

The snacks of tomorrow are available today on Amazon Launchpad! Find top food and beverage products from today's brightest startups.