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Stop What You’re Doing And Go And Vote For One Of Your Favorite Small Businesses Available on Amazon

It's time to shine the spotlight on small businesses.

What are you doing right now? OK, well stop it! 'Cause you need to go do your civic duty and vote in the *first-ever* Amazon Small Business Spotlight Awards.

You've probably already seen and shopped the great products from small businesses on Amazon (and if you haven't already, you should!). But for the first time you get to help spotlight the brands and decide who receives the prize package that includes six months of dedicated Amazon account management, Sponsored Products advertising credits, promotion on Amazon.com, and a trip to Amazon’s Seattle headquarters.

You can cast your vote here 'til Nov. 8!

There are 18 shortlisted nominees in three categories: Small Business of the Year, Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year, and Small Business Owner Under 30. Lots of great choices, lots of great shoppable items, what's not to love?

But first, let's learn more about the nominees for Small Business of the Year:

1. Ayoba-Yo makes snacks based on the founders' South African heritage. Their grass-fed biltong is naturally tender and easy to chew.

2. Baking Steel Company creates preseasoned (with their proprietary oil) pizza stones out of steel, turning your regular ol' home oven into the pizza-making tool of your dreams.

3. Damhorst Toys & Puzzle Inc. has been making personalized wooden toys for nearly 50 years. Their handmade pieces will quickly become heirlooms for every generation in your family.

4. EcoBark Pet Supplies was born from an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to help reduce plastic waste and carbon use. Their no-pull dog harness is made from recycled water bottles — in fact, their products are made from recycled water bottles or bamboo.

5. Nutpods makes delicious coffee creamer. They use both coconuts and almonds to create their rich, creamy flavors.

6. Ravenox is helping bring manufacturing back to the US with the production of everything from horse and pet supplies to hammocks and ropes — yes, ropes!

And for our next awards category, learn more about the nominees for Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year:

7. 1818 Farms is a working farm and educational site with Babydoll sheep and community educational resources. *Plus* they produce handcrafted bath and beauty products with simple ingredient lists that you can snag at affordable prices.

8. EazyHold is an adaptable silicone aid invented by three sisters to help people with limited dexterity enjoy daily tasks like gardening, cooking, and other handsy activities. It has several grip types that comfortably fit onto wrists. In short, that means getting a hold of objects is easier!

9. Nerdbugs LLC has cheery, adorable plush organs that combine the maker's passion for puns and teaching about the human body. Seriously, how cute is this heart?!

10. Obia Naturals offers up vegan hair products with natural ingredients inspired and developed after the founder had a cancer scare. So if you're in the pursuit of more manageable hair without a list of ingredients you've never heard of, this might be the brand for you!

11. Soul Insole's founder has a background in orthotic design, kinesiology, and biomechanics, which results in a range of products like the well-reviewed micro-size orthotic insole. Plus there are washable designs so neither discomfort nor unpleasant wafts will cross your mind.

12. Ultimation Industries, LLC specializes in made in the USA products for conveyor and material handling and has a sales team that's 70% female.

And lastly, learn more about the nominees for Small Business Owner Under 30:

13. Bedtime Bulb creates light bulbs with less blue and green light in an attempt to be less disturbing to sleep.

14. Joe Chocolate Co. started when a couple of (very nice) friends wanted to send a bud a lil' taste of home while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Enter Seattle espresso–infused dark chocolate in travel-friendly packaging. But we won't tell on you if you eat this bark variety pack in the great indoors.

15. Habit Nest is trying to reinvent the learning process. Their journals are filled with a mix of prompts to help you make the changes you want in your life. It's tangible with no fluff and can help you build self-awareness and self-discovery.

16. Player Ten Games creates casual party games that let you break the ice with new acquaintances, become closer to friends, and produce lots o' laughs. Swap in Brain Freeze for your tired party game and reap the hilarious benefits of finding out what answers your friends will give in this quick-draw card game.

17. Renova Medical Wear sells clothing basics designed for post-surgery recovery with tear-away snaps on basics like this T-shirt that the founder saw a need for when helping his mother recover from spinal surgery.

18. Watex focuses on making gardening an accessible pastime — even in the smallest of spaces — thanks to apartment-friendly items like the mobile green wall, which lets you set up a home garden in half an hour!

Now that you've seen the goods, it's time to cast your vote for your favorite finalist in all three categories in the Small Business Spotlight Awards!

Remember, voting is open through Nov. 8.