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We Want To Hear About Your Experiences With Polyamory And Polygamy

If monogamy isn't your thing.

Monogamy has long been held as the "standard" for relationships.

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Just you and your "one and only."

But as we all know, people having multiple partners is nothing new and is more common than you'd think in many spaces and cultures.


I want to hear from you: What's it like having multiple partners?

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Maybe you and your partner are dating or married and decided that you wanted to bring another person into the mix. Was the lifestyle change smooth and a relief, or was it a little more hectic and full of jealousy or insecurity?

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Or maybe you're feeling happy and fulfilled because you've got plenty of love to go around. You and your partner enjoy the freedom it provides or you may have a family and appreciate the extra support around the house.

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Maybe you've been in a polyamorous or polygamous relationship for years and you want to set the record straight about your lifestyle, dispelling any and all misconceptions about it.

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Or maybe there's a hidden key to success that most people don't know about. For example: maybe you've set a schedule for one-on-one time, group outings, and your own personal time so you can check in on yourself.

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Life is good.

But of course, not all poly relationships are like Nola's in She's Gotta Have It or TLC's Sister Wives. Let me know in the comments or in this anonymous Google form what it's been like for you.

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The best submissions will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!