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Moms, Tell Us About Your Experience With "Daddy Privilege" When It Comes To Parenting

Let's talk about "daddy privilege" for a second.

Parenting double standards are still so common these days, and it's no doubt frustrating, especially for moms whose parenting partners are men. If you're a woman who deals with this, we want to hear from you.

A mom holding her baby while doing laundry, a dad holding his baby while doing laundry

Maybe whenever you and your husband are with your child at a doctor's appointment or at a teacher's conference, all of the questions about them are always directed at you.

Or perhaps on the occasion that you're hanging with your friends without your kids, people ask if your husband is "babysitting" them.

Maybe in general, chores around the house are deemed your responsibility, but people tell you to be grateful if your husband helps out.

I want to hear from moms about the double standards you've dealt with when it comes to raising your children. Drop them in the comments below or use this anonymous Google form.