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Lizzo Responded To Critics Commenting On Her Body And Said The Discourse Around Bodies Is "Tired"

"I wish comments costed y'all money."

We're only a week into 2023, and people have already felt the need to comment on women's bodies. So, I have to ask: Are y'all not bored?

Lizzo shared this video on Twitter pretty much asking the same thing, and calling the discourse around bodies "tired."

Every comment under this post cost u 5.99$… likes & retweets are free 😊

Twitter: @lizzo

Twitter also put a warning on said tweet which is...ironic.

Twitter: @lizzo

In the video, she shares the comments she's gotten about her body ranging from "oh my gosh, you're so big" to "you're so little."

Lizzo performs Break Up Twice on SNL

She then asks "Are we okay?" (because I, too, would like to know) and follows up with "do you see the delusion?"

Lizzo arrives at 2022 MTV VMAs

"Do we realize that artists are not here to fit into your beauty standards?"

Lizzo playing the flute

"Artists are here to make art. And this body? Is art. And I'm going to do whatever I want with this body."

Lizzo performs in support of her "Special" release at Chase Center

"I wish that comments costed y'all money. So we could see how much time we're fucking wasting on the wrong thing."

Lizzo performs live from Miami Beach

I mean, it’s 2023. Can we let all the body commentary go, please?