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If You're Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing, We Want To Know The Things Hearing People Should Stop Doing ASAP

Throwing things at people who are deaf to get their attention is definitely one of them.

More and more people are using captions in their videos or interpreters at events to be more inclusive of those who are deaf and hard of hearing. However, hearing people have a long way to go to make them feel totally included. So if you're deaf or hard of hearing, what are some things hearing people should stop doing?

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Maybe you hate it when people assume you know how to lipread and won't even use their phones or pen and paper to properly communicate with you.

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Or when people are impatient and don't want to repeat themselves if you didn't catch what they said.

Perhaps you wish people wouldn't throw things at you or shout in your ear to get your attention.

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Or you just find it rude in general when people shout in your ear thinking you might hear it.

Maybe you even wish people would stop telling you that you don't "sound deaf" if you occasionally use speech instead of sign.

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If you're deaf or hard of hearing, we want to know the things that hearing people should stop doing immediately. Feel free to drop them in the comments below or use this anonymous Google Form.