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Middle Childhood Concepts 101

young wild a free middle childhood types of parenting styles

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1. Authoritarian

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High in control, but low in warmth. This style of parenting consists of not much parent-child negotiation, and minor failure to obey guidelines will result in punishment. This is the most unproductive and closed way of parenting as in authoritarian parenting parents never explain the importance of following the rules, or they simply do not bother to understand the emotional or feeling level of kids who may wonder why to follow rules.

2. Permissive

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Low In control, high in warmth. Parents do not demand the kids to follow strict orders and punish them heavily for even minor mistakes. This is a give and take system. Parents nurture the kids and concern them properly and in return, they expect mature and disciplined behavior from the kids. The responsibility levels are greater than the demands. Permissive parents allow children to be self-regulated.

3. Authoritative

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High in warmth and control. In authoritative parenting, parents still hold the authority but are tolerant enough to the doubts and questions of the kids. They do not just insist the children obey blindly but make them understand why to obey the rules and regulations. It is a demanding and responsible type of parenting. It is not through punishments, but through nurturing and advises parents influence the kids to follow rules and form disciplinary lifestyle.

4. Uninvolved

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Low in warmth and control. This style is considered to be the worst among parenting. As the names suggests in uninvolved parenting the involvement of parents in parenting process is zero. They do not communicate effectively with kids or get involved in their grooming. They leave the kids to grow their own. Uninvolved parenting doesn't mean that parents leave the kids to grow as orphans.

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