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    Online Reputation Management: A Boom or a Bane?

    The article deals with the positive and negative impacts of the newly emerging trend of online reputation management . the article further elucidate what is it ? how to chose the best option ? what could be the negative impacts ? and many more . In short, this article is the users guide to online reputation management and has everything they want to know in a nutshell.

    Online Reputation Management: A Boom or a Bane?

    “A Good Reputation is more valuable than Money “

    -Publilius Syrus

    The new emerging trend of Online Reputation management has put everyone in a Hamletian dilemma “To be or not to be!”. Living in a world of galactic competition, where everyone is despondently in a race of “Win or Die” situation, just imagine yourself an inch away from the winning line and abruptly you are dragged back to start line. Just in spec of time you lost all the elaborate charm, eminence and dexterity of being successful. Wondering how this happened? Well this can happen to anyone, an accomplished individual, a proficient organization or to a veteran business company that too just with a single dilapidated online comment or suboptimal reports and articles. Well I too had same fear in my mind when I first thought of marketing my business online, then when I searched for something which can provide me security against such obligations, I came across a new emerging sensation called online Reputation management which claims to be, ‘world’s loftiest and best way to rebuild your online reputation’ and make you shine like an undaunted chivalrous Hero of the business and multimedia world.

    Online reputation rebuilding is flowering as a highly efficient and profound trend which deals with building online reputation of individuals and business tycoons, celebrities and people of eminence. Not only they make stand you as an inspiration for everyone but they also sham all those negative and threating views, comments and reports about you all around the internet, bringing such culprits to your notice and hampering all illicit complaints and charges against you.

    As every individual to reach some level of success and importance undergoes millions of hardships and asperity. It takes ages to make your image globally acknowledged and popular but sometimes due to defamed online reputation all that popularity goes away. I think, it is the right of every such personality to build their own image on internet and keep blossoming, hence, for that webpages dealing with online reputation management works diligently with a team of web experts and writers who repair your web image and renew your facet in the online world.

    Weather it is ‘Repusurance Inc.’ which deals with repairing reputations and security services all over the globe, managing the service divisions of Repusurance, Hacksurance, and Online Crime Investigation, or it is ‘brand24’, which provides you with great growth tips and hacks, or it is ‘Reputation defender’ which helps you to build a firm online image or you may consider any other website, all are working to prove their potential at the best.

    Whenever something monumental happens occurs across the globe weather it is Presidential elections in US, discussion of new bills and laws, launch of a new movie or emergence of a multi-millionaire business company. Internet is reluctantly flooded with innumerable comments, delegations, agitations and views which may or may not be true, have a magnificent impact on the person concerned. It can defame or rebuild the reputation of your company within a few seconds. For instance, a new product is launched, an actor has been nominated for Oscar , a particular candidate is considered serviceable for a post and if a common man wants to investigate the entire scenario he will definitely ‘Google’ it as it the most reliable and coherent source of information today. Just with a single click you can know the exact status of the person of business concerned and suppose if it sullied with unacceptable information then surely all your hard work and image will be wretched.

    To save your potential image from such repercussions, online business management helps you secure a balanced position on the internet scenario but sometimes people are really doubtful regarding which firm they should trust and what if something still goes wrong? Well, for that I guess we should actually relay upon authentic or globally acknowledged firms and research well before putting forward our trust. We must look for any kind of substantial securities and insurances plus we must check the company’s history and records before investing our money.

    It is universally acknowledged that the future of your company, business and your own image depends immensely on what kind of image you hold online which in turn becomes your global image as undauntedly internet is the new panorama of connecting with people, knowing about the world and creating or demarcating your business and your identity. Hence, this highly innovative and creative idea of being a hero in the forefront can change your life entirely. Just like in movies, an actor’s performance is vague and useless if it is not followed by excellent script, similarly, in the Internet world no matter how classy and amazing your work and business is, if it has a bad image on internet it is of no use. So these firms take the role of ‘scriptwriters’ while we can play fearlessly and make all our dreams come true. I am sure in no time this highly useful and innovation tool of online reputation will capstone all other apexes as they could take marketing and business totally to a different level of excellence as I believe such platforms can actually create a sensation among masses.

    -Amarpreet Kaur.

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