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Did Something Super Weird Happen During Your First Time?

*tries to bring sexy back*

Having sex for the first time is always guaranteed to be memorable.

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I mean, it's your FIRST TIME.

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You'll remember it forever...sometimes for weird AF reasons...

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Like maybe you went on a wonderful date and decided that he/she was THE ONE...and when you went to their was filled with something crazy they collected...

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Orrrrrr maybe 5 minutes after you were deflowered in your dorm room your mom called to let you know she's not ready to be a grandmother...

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(which may or may not have happened to me)

Or maybe you really had to poop while it was happening but didn't want to stop but also didn't have the strength to hold it in...

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We want to know the WEIRDEST thing that happened before/after/during your first time.

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Tell us in the comments below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.