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Top 7 Musical Moments Of Fox's Newest Adult Comedy Son Of Zorn

Son of Zorn is the newest adult comedy to air on Fox. Just finishing up its first season Son of Zorn has claimed to be one of the hottest new comedies to air in Fall of 2016. The live-action/animated sitcom is based on the lives of a family Orange County, California. A divorced mother, Edie and her soon to be husband Craig live with Edie’s son Alan. Alan’s birth father, Zorn, is a warrior from a far away island nation called Zephyria. When Zorn is told that his lack of presence has been affecting his 17-year-old, he leaves his old life in Zephyria to attempt to live a normal life in Orange County, with a normal job, excluding wearing pants. To follow such a story, it is necessary to have just the right music for all of the loving family moments, and the moments of sudden terrifying doom. Composer Leo Birenberg has been making this happen all season long. We took a deeper look into this first season of “Son of Zorn” to bring you the top 7 musical moments of the season. Take a look:

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1. Layla's Spectral Transformation - A Taste of Zephyria S1 E5

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Zorn tries to teach Alan about Zephyrian culture and while doing this, accidentally gets Layla’s soul possessed by a painting. Leo starts off by making the painting seem mesmerizing with a women’s choir and Stravinsky-esque piccolo solo. And with a sudden switch, as Winona takes Layla’s soul, with a deep bass and massive orchestral sound that awakens the evil beast of Winona.

2. Zorn Declares War - War of the Workplace S1 E3

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When a guy from the office next-door decides to steal Santiation Solutions’ hot sauce from the break room, all hell breaks loose. A true Zephyrian war-hero like Zorn would never stand for this as his gives his rousing speech to the rest of the Santiation Solutions team, to declare war on the office next-door. This epic composition is a massive escalation as Zorn’s riveting speech is supposed to uplift the team and get them excited for battle. The irony of the intense music clashing with the faces of the team members as the camera pans around the office is what makes this scene so epic.

3. Roberta's Requiem - The Battle of Thanksgiving S1 E7

When Zorn accidentally kills Edie’s mother with a slice of his Snorkelberry pie, Zorn calls his doctor back in Zephyria to find a way to bring her back to life. The doctor gives him a recipe for a magic potion that is sealed with a very wet french kiss. This magical voodoo calls for a massive choir background with horns and a few woodwind to create the feeling of connecting with the afterlife.

4. Zorn Sacks Santa's Village - The War on Grafelnik S1 E9

Grafelnik is nearly here! Go behind the music with #SonOfZorn composer @LeoBirenberg to get in the revenge holiday…

The best revenge plot of them all, embarrassing your child in a public place. Zorn attemps to attack Santa’s village at the local mall as a Grafelnik revenger plot that him and Edie come up with. This scene plays on a huge orchestra, epic choir but of course with a holiday twist. And with each slash of Zorn’s sword, the music gets even more grand.

5. Praises of Zorn - War of the Workplace S1 E3

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After Alan kicks the school bully into the depths of his own insecurity, the family rejoices at dinner time. Zorn finds it appropriate to on-the-spot create an original song that he accompanies his obnoxiously catchy lyrics with a lute. “Zorn, Zorn, Zoooorn, we sing the praises of Zorn.” In the end credits, the song is replayed in an instrumental version in which Leo plays the lute part on a medieval recorder.

6. Craig Is Afraid of Santa - The War on Grafelnik, S1 E9

FOX / Via Youtube

Leo claims this to be the most ambitious musical concept for the season. While Craig tells the story of his childhood fear of Santa Claus, the entire story is surrounded with the spooky sounds of a choir that tells the legend behind Grafelnik, the Zephyrian revenge holiday that takes place during Christmas time. This choir sounds like Jack Frost and the Grinch together took over Christmas. It was recorded with 8 kids and 16 adults. Merry Grafelnik!

7. Zorn on Zorn Combat - A Tale of Two Zorns, S1 E6

FOX / Via Inverse

In this final scene Zorn is forced to fight his clone robot Meka-Zorn that has been programmed to kill any and everything in its path. As Zorn attempts to defeat Meka-Zorn, he doesn’t realize that Meka-Zorn sneaks up and attacks him. At this point Alan and Craig must attempt to defeat this robot without Zorn. At this point it is a combination between horns and barbaric drumming that accompany this fight scene.

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