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    How (not) To Date In Israel

    Sometimes I walk on the streets of Tel Aviv and I see those happy couples, holding hands, reminding me of Marshall and Lily. While I continue my walk - most likely to grab something to eat - I keep asking myself: How?

    There are two kinds of people: those who can flirt with someone at a bar, those who aren't brave enough or are just not successful in their attempts. I belong to the second group.

    That said, I decided to use the easiest way to meet people: Tinder. Yes, people will judge you by your looks, but the same happens in real life situations, don't fool yourself.

    "But Tinder is not for relationships". I'm aware of that! Nevertheless, Tinder dates (Israelis or not) make sure to emphasize this part over and over again.

    The impression I got from Israelis is that they have a certain fear of commitment. I mean, you don't need to remind me every time that I am not worthy of your long-term company, you know?

    Not all experiences are the same and I'm not sharing each one of them.

    Every experience I had here was special somehow, regardless of the outcome. But I can give you some glimpses of things that might happen during your chase for love or fun around here.

    1- Don't expect anything. From the place of the first date to you marriage, just let it flow. He can take you to a fancy restaurant, or invite you straight to his place (that he shares with roommates because, well, rent is expensive).

    But I can say that there is a big chance he'll make you feel special no matter what. And therein lies the danger.

    2- Meeting his parents is not a big deal. I talked to some people and, apparently, this is pretty common around here, so don't worry!

    That's certainly not a thing in my country!

    3- Even if you are not in a relationship, they make sure to break up with you somehow. Ghosting hasn't arrived in Israel yet and I've never been so happy.

    Ok, maybe "happy" isn't the best word because being dumped sucks, but at least you know it's over.

    4- Go easy on Tinder, it's highly addictive (especially in Israel). If someone interests you, either you go out in the week after you first started chatting or you probably will never see him in your life.

    If you keep talking after that it's a good sign, but remember: no expectations!

    5- It happened to me and it happened to my friends. He can tell you he doesn't want a relationship, but one week after dumping you he can change his Facebook status to "In a relationship".

    I guess Israeli girls will always win in the end; don't take it personally. "500 Days of Summer" is here.

    6- Cultural differences: Depending on where you are from, these differences can be extreme. Apparently, Brazilians and Israelis have much in common, but be careful: don't show concern.

    He can think that you are in love if you show any concern regarding the flu you may have given him.

    7- Non-Israelis can act like Israelis in this country. The stories are pretty much the same. Shouldn't I be writing an article about men?

    The thing about dating people from another countries is: your situation is pretty much the same, and you are probably going back to your own country at some point, so why get attached?

    8- Israelis are so sociable that they will talk to you while you are just trying to get home. Sounds really invasive, but it's actually fun. Usually they'll try to make you laugh and get your number.

    Rarely this goes any further, but it all depends on you - who know if this is your happily ever after?

    9- Israel is a small country and Tel Aviv a smaller city. We all hope not to have an extremely weird date or breakup.

    You never know when you'll run into that amazing guy with his new girlfriend walking on Allenby.

    I hope this can be useful for you, dear reader. Good luck and have fun here!

    Ps: This article wasn't created with the aim of slandering anyone. It's just a fun way I found to express the stories I have. I love you, dear Israelis.

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