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12 Amazing Poke Recipes That Deserve An Award

There are 12 Amazing Poke Recipes That Deserve An Award from Jacqueline Paumier.

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1. Ahi Poke and Quinoa Salad


“Kevin is Cooking” by Kevin

Make a healthy dish even healthier with this rendition of a classic ahi poke salad. Not only is this salad protein packed, but the ahi also provides major Omega-3s.

2. Ahi Poke Avocado Boats


“The Movement Menu” by Monica

If you’re looking for a creative way to serve up your ahi poke, try spooning them into creamy avocado boats. These boats are healthy, colorful and taste amazing!

3. Fresh Ahi Poke Stacks with Papaya Avocado and Sriracha Whipped Cream Drizzle


“Kevin is Cooking” by Kevin

Ahi Poke gets a tropical makeover with this exotic recipe that includes papaya and avocado. Add some Sriracha whipped cream? We say hell yes!

4. Ginger Tempeh Poke Bowl with Grilled Pineapple


“Choosing Chia” by Jess H

You’re going to love the bold ginger taste of this zesty vegan poke bowl. The addition of grilled pineapple also brings a smoky Hawaiian flavor that ties the whole recipe together.

5. Dynamite Poke


“Cooking Hawaiian Style” by Poke Man

If you are a spicy tuna roll fan, then this is the perfect poke bowl for you. Fresh tuna is tossed with creamy sriracha sauce for that addicting heat factor.

6. Ahi Tuna Poke Bowls with Avocado and Cucumber Noodles


“BLOGLOVIN” by Alessandra Maffucci

Craving veggies but over salads? Break out the spiralizer and turn your poke bowl into a noodle bowl. These crisp and crunchy cucumber noodles are the perfect match for fresh ahi tuna.

7. Hawaiian Vegan Poke Bowl


About Food by Jolinda Hacket or Season with Spice by Mark and Reese

Another perfectly satisfying vegan poke bowl! Tofu may be used in place of Ahi in this recipe, but it still maintains it authentic Hawaiian flavor.

8. California Roll Poke


“Use Real Butter” by Jennifer Yu

We are hooked on this California roll inspired poke that uses sushi grade tuna and fresh crab meat. This recipe is so good it may replace your favorite sushi roll.

9. Crispy Furikake Poke


“Honestly Yum” by Erica

Sometimes all your poke needs is a bit of crunch. In this recipe, crispy furikake (crunchy Japanese seaweed) is added to give your poke some extra texture.

10. Ahi Poke Bowls with Pineapple and Avocado


“How Sweet It Is” by Jessica Merchant

Sweet, fresh Pineapple, and creamy avocado are the perfect complement to your favorite poke bowl. Serve this up on a hot summer day for an incredible flavor that will leave you saying “Aloha!”.

11. Salmon Poke with Creamy Togarashi Sauce


“Cooking with Cocktail Rings” by Kylie Mazon

If you have never tasted creamy togarashi sauce, now is the time! Togarashi sauce is the perfect blend of spicy, creamy, and sweet and when it’s added to omega-3 packed salmon it’s a match made in heaven!

12. Tuna Poke with Tobiko


Bon Appetit by Chris Morocco

We love Bon Appetit’s secret ingredient in their poke, Tobiko! Tobiko is Japanese fish eggs, and frankly, you either love them or you hate them. If you fall into the “love” category, then you are sure to appreciate this recipe!

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