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    The Most Stylish Characters From "The Dig," Ranked

    Set in 1939, the movie boasts some pretty dashing looks.

    If you haven't seen The Dig yet, I highly recommend a viewing party.

    Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Based on a true story, it's engaging and heartwarming and has everything from historical discoveries to romance (and quite a few envy-inducing outfits).

    Below, all the best looks from the film (and the characters who wore them).

    6. May Brown

    Coming in at number six, May Brown deserves a special shoutout, in my opinion. She consistently looks lovely!

    Still from The Dig: May Brown and Basil Brown in a garden

    5. Rory Lomax

    While Johnny Flynn's character, Rory, isn't based on a real person, he still sports some dashing looks, like this gorgeous brown leather jacket.

    Still from The Dig: Rory Lomax on a motorcycle
    Larry Horricks / Netflix

    As great philosopher Taylor Swift once said, he's definitely got that "James Dean daydream look in [his] eye."

    Still from The Dig: Rory Lomax on-site with a camera around his neck
    Larry Horricks / Netflix

    4. Robert Pretty

    Decked out in outlandish floral curtains and tinfoil hats, Robert Pretty has a fashion sense that exists in another world entirely.

    Still from The Dig: Robert and Mrs. Pretty in living room

    But I find his sweater-and-shorts sets and cozy vests so endearing.

    Still from The Dig: Robert Pretty in brown sweater

    BRB, buying a spaceship-themed sweater.

    3. Basil Brown

    From three-piece suits to plenty of fedora options, the excavator is dressed to the nines from day one. He deserves the bronze title, in my opinion, because he's committed to the trousers/vests and suits from the very beginning.

    Still from The Dig: Basil Brown in vest, button-down, and trousers at the excavation site

    The newsboy cap and satchel are so sweet. Plus, tweed pants and a blazer — c'mon, I'd wear that in a heartbeat.

    Still from The Dig: Basil Brown in front of a house

    2. Peggy Preston

    At number two: Fresh off a holiday, Peggy looks laid-back and tropical in her floral blouses and flowy skirts.

    Still from The Dig: Peggy and Rory walking in a forest
    Larry Horricks / Netflix

    She's also a proponent of re-wearing looks (or what Kate Sanders, aka Lizzie McGuire, might call an outfit repeater).

    This cute plaid dress–cardigan combo is a particularly standout look.

    Still from The Dig: Peggy holding cardigan in plaid dress

    Although she later transitions into more dig-appropriate work pants, she's still effortlessly chic. Plus, her accessory game is A+.

    Still from The Dig: Peggy in field
    Larry Horricks / Netflix

    Or how about this cute orange number? Super handy for archaeological digs, and also outdoor-friendly.

    Still from The Dig: Peggy and husband in a field
    Larry Horricks / Netflix

    1. Edith Pretty

    Mrs. Pretty sits pretty at number one. First off, I immediately took notice of Edith's cardigan collection.

    Still from The Dig: Mrs. Pretty in brown cardigan and tweed pants

    Fit in a series of modestly printed frocks and oxfords for her time, she has looks that are seriously stylish and always impress!

    Mrs. Pretty in vintage red frock

    She also looks effortlessly elegant in patterned blouses!

    Still from The Dig: Mrs. Pretty and Basil Brown
    Larry Horricks / Netflix

    These blouses are frequently paired with paper bag–style trousers. Look at this dainty collared blouse. It's marvelous!

    Still from The Dig: Mrs. Pretty in collared shirt
    Larry Horricks / Netflix

    Plus, her eveningwear is on another level.

    Still from The Dig: Mrs. Pretty in a colorful evening gown sitting in a library

    Here's a glimpse at the back of another gown.

    Still from The Dig: Back shot of Mrs. Pretty in gown

    Low backed and flowy, this evening look is one of my favorites. Though we barely get a glimpse, some of her real standout looks consist of her nightly dinner gowns.

    This bejeweled hat and pink dress combo is so dreamy.

    Still from The Dig: Close up of Mrs. Pretty

    Here's a full-body look at Mrs. Pretty's garden party look.

    Still from The Dig: Mrs. Pretty and Robert in elegant outfits

    Bonus content: Robert looks dashing in his suit!

    Based on elegance alone, Edith Pretty is the style maven here. While the rest of The Dig cast puts up a good fight, her endless collection of silky frocks and dazzling jewels beats them all.

    Larry Horricks / © Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

    What are your favorite looks from The Dig? Let us know in the comments!