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These Are Selena Gomez's Best Outfits From Season 2 Of "Only Murders In The Building"

I want nothing more than Mabel's closet. These looks are iconic!

It's no secret that Selena Gomez is iconic as Mabel Mora on Only Murders in the Building. As the second season comes to a close, we're reflecting on her best fashion statements throughout the 10-episode run.

From her signature platform boots to show-stopping outerwear, Mabel's style screams iconic New Yorker. Yet, she also looks approachable in cozy sweaters, cool skirts, and muted jewel tones.

1. This orange toned silky dress — which was difficult to capture it its entirety — is *chef's kiss* perfection!

2. But this party dress? Woah! It is elegant and cool, with statement earrings and a slicked-back hairdo.

3. This coat tied together is truly my favorite. Coat season forever!

Mabel walking on the street in a white coat

4. In the final episode of the season, we see Mabel in this stunning green gown. It's so gorgeous, I gotta take a moment.

5. We also have this iconic, bright yellow coat!!! For some reason, it's a pivotal outfit in my mind. 10/10 outfit!

Mabel walking in an art gallery in a yellow coat

6. This adorable cable knit, for example, is simply Mabel dressed down and unguarded. It's perfect for a chilly day, and for me, stands out for its coziness. Capsule wardrobe, anyone?

Mabel sitting in her apartment

7. In Episode 4, Mabel shows off her extra trendy side with a cool patterned skirt, a bright yellow turtleneck, and tights. There's always something so classic about her outfits, though this one would fit right in with today's hot trends.

Mabel walking into an apartment front door

8. Let's take a second to appreciate this plaid blazer moment, aka Mabel's take on formal and understated. I like how she matches her cohorts but manages to stand out.

Mabel standing with Oliver and Charles

9. Said blazer is later topped off with a fantastic white coat. I need this coat pls.

Mabel carrying something with Oliver

10. I must point out how fabulous her coat is here, too! Also, look at how the caramel boots tie in with the sweater? Ugh!

11. This checkered print sweater with what seems to be cream trousers and her usual platform boots hits all the marks.

Mabel standing in an art gallery in a checkered sweater

12. In Episode 3, Mabel debuts this trendy cardigan which I can totally see being sold at Urban Outfitters for $80.

Mabel standing with Oliver in a checkered cardigan with green accents

13. In Episode 2, we see this bright blue sweater, which is funky and cool and classic.

Mabel holding a painting in a blue sweater

14. We saw this outfit in Season 1, and as it's presented as a flashback scene, I think it still deserves a mention for the plaid skirt! Round of applause!

Mabel opening the door for Bunny

15. Mabel's teddy coat in Episode 10 definitely makes the list, but it isn't a standout for me.

Mabel sitting with Charles and Oliver in a booth at a diner

16. Same with this sweater/trouser combo. It's cute, and I'm all about fall fashion office chic, but it doesn't hold a candle to the patterned skirt and yellow turtleneck moment from earlier.

Mabel standing with Oliver and Charles in an apartment

17. The wardrobe department seems to be going with a yellow theme for Mabel, and I'm not mad about it. This sweater, for example, is lovely.

Mabel in her room wearing a checkered cardigan

18. This sparkly number was part of a throwback scene and definitely isn't Mabel's usual style, but the dress itself is oh so stunning!

Mabel standing with friends at a party

19. Mabel's outfits in Episode 1 follow a cozy fall-centric pattern, like this sweater that she wears lounging around her apartment.

Selena Gomez as Mabel

20. This Episode 6 outfit is Mabel to a T. Sweater? Check. Plaid skirt? Check. Cool classic overcoat? Check.

Mabel visiting Charles on set with Oliver

You can just tell that this sweater is so soft!

Mabel looking down at her phone

21. Another yellow look! This jumpsuit is easy, breezy, and oh so cute.

Mabel sitting on her bedroom floor with puzzle pieces

22. Considering Episode 8 is mainly in the dark, we didn't get a great look at Mabel's outfit, which is a repeat of Episode 7's blue sweater/plaid skirt. But! Her boots are, for me, the best part of this cozy look.

Mabel sitting on a hallway bench with other characters

23. This outfit from Episode 9 is a good blend of casual and trendy with dark belted jeans, a muted shirt, and a statement plaid coat.

Mabel walking down a hallway

24. You can see the blue of the tank top better here! It's a great staple piece in such a pretty color. I'm a big fan.

Mabel in a boxing ring

25. Finally, we have this undeniably chic leather coat with brown lining. It's cool and soft and looks amazing, and I'm coveting it for myself.

Mabel in a boxing gym

What was your favorite Mabel Mora outfit from Season 2?

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