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    Emma Chamberlain Deleted Her TikTok, But Her Videos Will Never Be Forgotten

    If you miss Emma on TikTok click here.

    In case you weren't previously aware, Emma Chamberlain rose to fame following her successful YouTube channel. She has a podcast, Anything Goes, has collected a few Shorty Awards in her time, and also was known for consistently going viral on TikTok before deleting her account.

    Emma posing at the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2022 show

    Her decision to delete her TikTok account revolved around feeling like she was staying in bed too long and spending too much time scrolling the ultra-engaging app.

    While her account is no longer, I'm still gonna take this chance to round up her best TikTok moments. Here we go!

    1. What makes Emma so likable (in the way that she goes viral) is honestly her sense of humor. Here, she's trying to do a trend but forgoes it to jump around with her pet cat. Who doesn't love that?!

    Close up of Emma's face

    2. Like this TikTok that references a rumor — one she made up about herself!

    Emma smiling into the camera with text that says "u think u can hurt my feelings? i was hated on for a year because i started a rumor about myself that i didn't shower"

    3. Emma loves a good dance, and it seemed like viewers loved it, too, with this particular video reaching almost 1.7 million views.

    Emma and friend dancing

    4. Here Emma and a friend do the popular 'put a finger down' challenge. This went viral on TikTok as it really showcases their funny personalities.

    Emma and a friend doing a viral challenge

    5. Her completely uninterested facial expression is what makes her solo dancing videos so funny. 7/10 effort.

    Emma dancing in her closet

    6. This video garnered almost 3 million views and it's just her goofing around with her friend.

    Emma dancing with a friend in a parking garage

    7. Emma dancing with the D'Amelio sisters is a total world colliding moment.

    Emma dancing with two friends

    8. The sheer joy of watching someone else put their cat in a backpack..... is truly indescribable.

    Split video of Emma duetting another Tik Tok

    9. Even her gas station order is entertaining! The big reveal: Cheez-Its.

    Close up of Emma with text saying "gas station order"

    10. She appreciates a good twirl and so did her audience with this video getting over a million views. (WHAT!)

    Emma dancing to a song

    11. Someone painted a beautiful portrait of Emma by using products from her coffee brand Chamberlain Coffee.

    Emma reacting to another Tik Tok

    12. We love a besties moment!

    Emma hugging a friend

    13. This dance was to "WAP" by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. Iconic.

    Emma dancing in a hotel room

    14. I'm not saying her moves are bad, but why does this particular video have over a million views?

    Emma dancing to a song

    15. Yes, she's famous but she's also just a girl dancing alone in her backyard.

    Emma dancing in an open yard

    16. Who doesn't want to laugh at themselves and post it on the Internet? Isn't that what the Internet is for?

    Emma laughing with a digital card on her forehead

    17. Lastly, we have this shy little dance. IDK what it is but it makes me laugh.

    Emma dancing in her room

    TBH.... Emma's best TikTok moments happen when she's just being herself. We're sad to see her account go but support her in moving on.

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