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    These Cute Pugs Will Make Your Day And Your Instagram Feed Brighter

    These snuggly lil' dudes are soooo flipping cute.

    Oh, pugs. No matter their breathing probs, above all, we gotta agree, these adorable creatures are made for endless snuggles.

    Alfredas Pliadis / Getty Images/EyeEm

    If you're looking for a cuteness fix, I've rounded up the best pugs on Insta for your viewing pleasure. Get ready to click follow ASAP. 

    1. Leonard the Loaf is a sweet, heavy breathing lil' guy. He loves to run around with his older cousin Juniper and is constantly going on adventures with his parents, Hannah and Denzel.

    2. Silly Mr. Eddie has a great beach day aesthetic and an entire feed dedicated to his own staycations. He loves snuggling up in cozy chairs and celebrating holidays with fun photo shoots.

    3. Doug the Pug knows how to relax. The famous pup has met every celeb on the planet and lives a life of luxury as one of the most followed IG pugs, like, ever.

    4. Captain Chuck is 100% the master of snoozing. The sweet, chunky guy loves to play in pools and is know for snuggling with his pink donut plushie.

    5. Mr. Omochi certainly knows how to beat the summer heat. His wrinkly face is beyond adorable!

    6. Mable and Winnie are a dynamic duo known for their fantastic glamour shots and fierce accessories. Look at those floral harnesses. So sweet!

    7. Bartho, oh Bartho. How I love thee. The 8-year-old pug looks so distinguished and adorable celebrating their birthday. The cuteness!!!

    8. Montgomery the Pug knows how to dress! Monty is sure to become the next fashion blogger; the sweet dude steps up his accessory game in the chilly winter weather. Look at that hat!

    9. Sissy, Tilly, Natty, and Missy — aka the Pugdashians — are a fab foursome of fawn-colored pugs with ample attitude.

    10. Batman is a MOOD when anyone disturbs my beauty sleep.

    11. Introducing Teddy, a pug disguised as a walrus. He lives in a city and is a good city boy.

    12. Mr. Ari loves to play dress up, and his owner, Matri, def indulges his whims by putting together incredible matching outfits. Here's a pic of him passed out in dreamland in his chic apartment.

    13. We love Stilton in this house. We support him and his brindle coloring. The charming dude is oh so dashing with the cutest smile.

    14. Lou Lou likes to stay cozy 24/7 and frequently curls up like a donut for daily naps. The tiny angel has the sweetest eyes, like, ever and seems to love her accessories, too.

    15. Endorsing carbohydrates and daily hydration, Puggy Smalls knows how to win a crowd over with a hilarious meme.

    16. Glenn and Theo love to go on hiking adventures together. Their tiny paws must be tired after all that exercise.

    17. Mr. Biggie knows how to accessorize...just look at that floral sun hat. The casually propped paw. The calm yet judgemental stare. It's a vibe.

    18. Albert and Victoria!!! Just...give me a second...the cuteness levels are overwhelming here.

    19. Noodles is kinda incredible. Look at that snazzy hat and bow combo! UGH. Amazing.

    20. Basil and Sigmund have stolen my heart. Their picturesque beach strolls and cute coffee dates have to make even the most cold-hearted viewer crack a smile.

    Who's your favorite online pug? Let us know in the comments.

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