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28 Self-Care Items You've Just Gotta Try (And All From Latine-Owned Businesses)

Take this as your sign to relax today. 🧖‍♀️

1. A deliciously blended Vamigas Purifying Cleanser with ingredients like prickly pear, acai, and chia that come together as a gentle, vitamin-rich cleanser and makeup remover. 

Vamigas is a green beauty brand founded and owned by Mexican American Christina Kelmon and Chilean American Ann Murray-Dunning, after seeing the clear need for clean beauty options in the Latine community. Vamigas only uses natural botanicals of ancient Latin America (like Chile, Mexico, and Brazil) and puts every product in recyclable glass packaging to limit waste.

Get it straight from Vamigas or from Nordstrom for $30.

2. A jar of the bestselling Tata Harper Resurfacing BHA Glow Mask because it'll make your skin glow like no other ✨. The 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients take the BHA from white willow bark and pomegranate enzymes to rejuvenate dull skin for a healthy, glowing complexion.

a model holding the mask on a brush
a gif of the inside of the jar

Tata Harper Skincare was founded by Columbian entrepreneur Graciella "Tata" Harper in 2007.

Promising reviews: "Staple in my routine. After one use I was hooked on this mask. This mask literally brightens immediately, and results are long-lasting. It's a must-have in Tata Harper's skincare line." —Adrianne S., Tata Harper Customer

"This is my go-to mask. It instantly brightens my skin. It's one of the few masks I've used that you can see instant results." —Jade T., Tata Harper Customer

Get it from Amazon, Sephora, or straight from Tata Harper for $68.

3. Calming lavender bubble bath from Jessica Alba's the Honest Company is an Amazon bestseller with over 15,000 5-star reviews! It's hypoallergenic and gentle enough for kiddos, but adults absolutely love the soothing feel, too.

a reviewer in a bubble bath
a close up of the bottle

The Honest Company was founded by Jessica Alba, a Mexican American actor gone beauty, skin, and home entrepreneur. She made the brand with the vision of creating products that are safe and trusted because of the ingredients she uses. Her matte liquid lipstick has an award-winning vegan and cruelty-free formula.

Promising review: "It’s pretty awesome. I wanted major bubbles but was a little dubious. I don’t have a tub with jets [but] the splashing water in couple with a little bit of hand swishes will foam this right up! The scent is faint, which is PERFECT for me!! And it’s all-natural so that must explain why my skin feels soothed...this stuff feels great!!" —Kevin Delgado

Get it from Amazon for $9.90+  (available in two sizes). 

4. A STUNNING handmade hammock you can't help but to feel relaxed in. Just imagine yourself on a beach with a nice cold drink in your hand (even if you're just in your backyard). On top of being comfy as heck, the tiny details like the beading and tassels will make it your favorite place to hang. 

the beige hammock with pillows on top
Hamanica / Etsy

Hamanica is a small business based in Masaya, Nicaragua and run by Maribel Hernandez. The brand specializes in adult and children's hammocks and chairs.

Promising review: "Literally one of the most beautiful things I’ve bought to complete a dream space. It’s high quality and so so comfortable; I can’t recall being this happy about a purchase. And shipped incredibly fast! Worth every penny." —Charlene Kim

Get it from Hamanica on Etsy for $124.30 (available in three sizes and TONS of colors and styles).

5. A 'Proud Latina' glass cup complete with a bamboo lid and glass straw. Self-care means staying hydrated, and this is the ~perfect~ way to hold your water, smoothies, or iced coffee. 

a clear glass cup that reads
Zacs Craft / Etsy

PS: It even comes with a straw cleaner!

Zacs Craftz is a Latine woman-owned small business based in California that creates adorable custom-made cups and tumblers!

Promising review: "I LOVE this glass cup. Such a cute design, and the phrase makes me feel so empowered! I would definitely recommend this cup. If you’re always on-the-go, I recommend buying the lid and glass straw as well! Totally worth it! The lid seals on well, and the glass straw is a PLUS! I also appreciate the included straw scrubber. Makes it so much easier to wash my glass straw and really get in there to make sure it’s clean. I’ll never use plastic straws again! What I also love about the glass straw is that you can see if there’s anything left behind inside. People have complimented my cup, and it shows my pride in my Latina identity!" —Jazzi1828

Get it from Zacs Craftz on Etsy for $20.

6. A subscription to Birchbox, a monthly service where you get curated skincare, hair, and makeup products sent right to your home! When you first sign up, you take a quiz about your hair type, skin sensitivity, makeup preferences, etc. to ensure you'll truly love what's comin' each month.

a collection of goodies by the birchbox
models wearing eye masks and face masks

You've got four subscription options (a monthly membership, three-month membership, six-month membership, and one-year membership). Each box comes with two to six items varying between samples, travel sizes, and even full-size items!

You've also got the option to a) be totally surprised on what's coming, b) choose one of the six products you want every month, and c) pick an already curated box that's shown to you beforehand so you know what's coming!

Birchbox was co-founded in 2010 by Texas Native and Mexican American entrepreneur Katia Beauchamp.

Subscriptions starting at $13/month.

7. A bottle of Covey Vitamin C Serum, the brand's top-rated item that helps fade acne scars, brighten complexion, and over all just make your skin feel really, really smooth. It's clean, vegan, and cruelty-free, too!

the serum bottle
a gif of the serum being pumped out

Covey was co-founded by Cuban American Christina Garcia, after she and co-founder Emily DiDonato bonded over skincare and the frustration over their elaborate routines. Covey was made to be uncomplicated (seriously, there's only four products), and are clean, vegan, and cruelty-free!

Promising review: "I decided to try Covey's vitamin C because of the more stable form of THD ascorbate in it and the good price point. It is seriously amazing. My skin has never looked better. It goes on so well, is super gentle/effective, and makes you so glowy. If you try any product in the line, it should definitely be this! Just signed up for the subscription for it." —Alexis

Get it from Covey for $59.

8. A concha bath bomb from Loquita Bath and Body turns the yummy baked good into a form of self-care, and I'm here for it. Toss this in the tub for a fresh baked concha pan dulce scent and a skin-soothing effect (thanks to ingredients like shea butter!).

a bowl of bath bombs
Loquita Bath and Body

Loquita Bath and Body is a California-based small biz founded by Yamira Vanegas with the purpose of representation and relatability for the Latine community. 

Get it from Loquita Bath and Body for $8.50 (available in tons of other styles and snacks).

9. Valfré woven blanket because sometimes, self-care is just laying on the couch, curled up in a cute and cozy blanket while reading a book or bingeing your favorite show for the fourth time. It even makes the *best* decor when you're not using it!

the blanket laying across a bed

Valfré makes uniquely designed clothing, accessories, home goods, stationery, and tech accessories – and most feature original illustrations from Mexican artist and founder Ilse Valfré.

Get it from Valfré  for $72.

10. A jar of Nopalera Cactus Flower Exfoliant that works as a moisturizer, an oil cleanser, AND an exfoliant. It's got a light tangerine scent to help wake you up, and a gentle but effective texture that'll leave your skin so moisturized, there's no need to apply any afterward (like with most exfoliants). Love!

the yellow body scrub beside it's packaging

Nopalera is a Mexican-owned skincare brand that was founded by Sandra Velasquez. The brand uses nopales (cactus) to create artisan clean bath and body products. 

Promising review: "Truly amazing product. I applied it from head to toe and was pleasantly surprised on how moisturizing it was and how well it penetrated even after drying off and no need to apply lotion. The glow was a bonus as my collar bone, shoulders, and arms felt and looked amazing! It truly felt like a spa experience in a jar! The tangerine scent is mild and perfection for those of us who don't like heavy scents. This is a keeper!!" —CG2019, Nordstrom Customer

Get it from Nordstrom, Credo Beauty, or straight from Nopalera for $32. 

11. A bottle of Bloomi's Relax Body and Massage Oil to ~literally~ relax whenever you need it. Reviewers say when work is hectic, when they're feeling overwhelmed, or when they're just getting ready for bed, they massage a little of this oil on their hands and neck to ignite chill mode.

a model holding the small bottle of oil
a gif of someone grabbing the bottle

PS: It's got a light lavender scent!

Bloomi is a Latinx and sexologist-led wellness brand co-founded by Rebecca Alvarez. The brand provides inclusive sexual education and products such as water-based lubricants, serums, body oils, and more.

Promising reviews: "I LOVE this body and massage oil. I use it every morning before meditating and every evening before bed. The warm aroma instantly helps me to calm down. I also keep it at my work desk throughout the day. Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed, I massage some of the formula to my hands and neck and then breathe it in. It literally does exactly what its name says it does: helps you to relax." —Raquel

"I started using this oil and absolutely love it. It does not leave your skin sticky and is very relaxing after a long day." —Vicky

Get it from Target for $19.99.