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The Evolution Of Kids' Toys

Kids will always love toys, and selling them is a multi-billion dollar industry. So much so that there are marketing companies out there who's sole aim is to communicate brand messages with kids and parents.. But how has the market evolved? Here, I take a look at some of the most popular toys through the years.

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70s - Pet Rocks

Possibly one of the most genius marketing ideas ever created. Gary Dahl came up with the idea to sell rocks from a beach in Mexico and market them as pets. Selling them at $4 each, Pet Rocks made Dahl a millionaire practically overnight, and the fad lasted around six months.

90s - Tamagotchi

Created in 96, these virtual pets took the world by storm. Kids (and adults) were able to raise a digital pet. Slightly more advanced than a Pet Rock, Tamagotchis took some kind of responsibility.

00s - Baby Born

As with everything, dolls have evolved. Instead of having a Barbie doll or a Cabbage Patch Kid, the doll craze of the 00's was Baby Born. These dolls could eat and even pee themselves.

10s - iPad

Seeing kids with iPads is something that's happening more regularly, and it makes sense. Instead of just having one toy, the iPad has thousands of games available to keep kids occupied.

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