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Got Money To Burn? Check Out These 4 Luxury Purchases

We all like the finer things in life. Whether it's cars, houses, holidays or clothing, if we all had a choice, the majority of us would choose to live in luxury. Sadly, not all of us can, but to anyone who has enough money to spend on items at the higher end of the scale, these items could be right up your street.

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Phone Powerbank for £500

Sergio Martinez

Yeah, I know you can buy a phone powerbank for about 1% of this cost, but that's not the point. These handmade powerbanks are made of the finest bovine leather and are much cooler than something that you'd get from ebay. London's Uplond handmake each of these items, so customers know they're getting something completely unique.

Toiletry Bag for £250

I once went on holiday with a friend, and I noticed that he had a £250 toiletry bag. This Louis Vuitton number made me feel a little embarassed about my one from Sainsburys. Despite the high cost of this bag, my friend has informed me that it's still going strong after ten years, so it has definitely stood the test of time.

£20,000+ Fountain Pen

Being left handed, I always managed to smudge the paper and my hand whenever I wrote in fountain pen. I used to curse having to pay £5 for one, let alone £20,000. But the law of supply and demand says that someone, somewhere, will think it's a good idea to spend more on a writing instrument than the average salary of someone in a developed country.

£13,000 Barbecue

I love barbecues. They are fun, taste good and are usually spent in the sun surrounded by your close ones. Sadly, I've only experienced cheap and average priced barbecues. This guy here owns the UK's most expensive barbecue. At a cool £13,000, I can only imagine how amazing it makes the meat taste!

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