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4 South East Asia Countries You Must Visit

South East Asia has been the go-to destination for travellers around the world for a long time now. It's exotic cultures and more tranquil environments make SE Asia a welcome break from the day to day bustle of the Western World. If you're planning on travelling to the region in the near future, there is an endless wealth of information on the internet that talks about the best places to go and lots of South East Asia blogs, including this brand new one by James Frazer-Mann that talk about personal experiences and can help you decide where to go. I could spend all day talking about some of the best places to visit, but I'll mention 4 of the most popular countries to visit in South East Asia.

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Thailand is easily the most popular country to travel to in South East Asia, and it's not surprising. There are seemingly endless amounts of resorts to travel to, and you can choose to backpack for next to nothing or live in the lap of luxury for a fraction of the cost of western countries. Food and drink is ridiculously cheap, and of course, the full-moon parties are legendary. Anyone who is serious about travelling must visit Thailand at some point in their lives.


Whenever Vietnam is mentioned, the first thing many people think about is the horrific war that happened in the country in the 60's. Thankfully now the country is at peace, and it's a paradise for travellers. As Thailand has become more commercial, many travellers prefer Vietnam today.


Another place that is now safe after a fairly brutal recent past, Cambodia is popular among travellers, and it's not surprising. The country is home to some of the world's most amazing wildlife and coastal areas. Cambodia is a must for any traveller serious about their trip.


Although Laos wasn't involved directly in the Vietnam war, because of the countries' close proximities, sadly the country was affected by bombs that were dropped there unintentionally. Laos isn't as popular a destination as its neighbours, but that's why a lot of people fall in love with the place.

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