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3 Most Important Web Design Tips

With so much emphasis being put on aesthetics these days, businesses are having to make sure that their are up to date with design. Gone are the days where you can just build a plain white website and just write about what you do - these days, you need to do all you can to jump out at potential customers. I recently spoke to James from United Agency, who gives 3 tips on how to make a website stand out from the rest.

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Font style and shape is everything

Having built websites myself in the past, I can't agree with James more here. You'd think something basic such as font wouldn't be that important when it comes to websites, but having the right font it a vital ingredient in web design. Luckily for designers, there are thousands of fonts out there (including these free ones) that allow you to trial and error your way to the best combination for your site.

Colour palettes are there for a reason

Choosing the wrong colour combination for a website can be an absolute disaster. A website is like an outfit. If you choose to use colours, make sure they go together and don't turn your potential customers on to your competitors. One piece of advice I would use is ask as any people as possible before you make any decisions. You might like a colour combination that the rest of the world hates. Fortunately, there are a number of articles out there (like this one), that give advice on how to avoid some pretty dreadful colour combinations.

Branding is the most important aspect of any business

Starting a business can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming. For that reason, you can't blame business owners for trying to cut a few corners when starting out. James' advice though is to make sure you never There are marketplaces available where you can pay $5 and have a logo designed, and you'd be surprised at how many businesses think that's all that's needed when it comes to branding. If that's how much you are willing to spend on your company image, how can you blame people for not putting any value in it?

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