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An Investor Is Suing A California Edible Pot Company For Fraud

A California investor claims marijuana chocolates brand Altai swindled him out of $750,000 under false pretenses. The CEO allegedly used the money on private jets and fancy hotels.

Amanda Chicago Lewis 3 years ago

Facebook And Google Cannabis Policy Enforcement Makes No Sense

Tech giants like Facebook and Google don't allow users to post ads that sell cannabis or promote recreational drug use. But activists say these policies are inconsistently enforced, and lots of acceptable content gets blocked.

Amanda Chicago Lewis 3 years ago

Marijuana Arrests Down In Colorado For White Teens, Up For Black And Latino Teens

A new state report shows that the total number of marijuana arrests in Colorado for juveniles increased after legalization — and racial disparities within those arrests grew worse.

Amanda Chicago Lewis 3 years ago

California Pot Mogul Denies Bill Was Written As A Favor To Him

Steve DeAngelo is one of the most powerful cannabis businessmen on the planet, but he has a drug felony on his record. A bill in the California legislature would deal with that issue—for him and very few others.

Amanda Chicago Lewis 3 years ago

America's Whites-Only Weed Boom

Black Americans were disproportionately targeted in the "war on drugs." Now state laws and steep regulatory costs have left them far more likely to be shut out of America's profitable marijuana boom.

Amanda Chicago Lewis 3 years ago

Video: Seth Rogen Offers Tips On Getting Stoned

The notoriously pot-loving actor teamed up with Snoop Dogg's cannabis media network, Merry Jane, for a web series about, um, how to get high. Here is the first episode!

BuzzFeed 3 years ago

Marley Natural Wants To Be Weed's First Luxury Brand

The line of marijuana products named for the famous Jamaican singer wants to be the "classy" celebrity weed brand. But will weed smokers want to pay the extra cost?

Amanda Chicago Lewis 3 years ago

Oakland's Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Move To Block An Open Market

Oakland's mayor and Cannabis Regulatory Commission want to remove the cap on medical marijuana dispensaries. The eight licensed medical marijuana dispensaries have hired a lobbyist to prevent that from happening.

Amanda Chicago Lewis 3 years ago

Ohio Voters Reject Marijuana Legalization Initiative Backed By Nick Lachey

A ballot initiative that would have legalized recreational and medical marijuana in Ohio failed to garner enough votes to pass. So why are many cannabis activists celebrating?

Amanda Chicago Lewis 3 years ago

A Potentially Racist Drug Test Could Become Standard For Truckers

The trucking industry wants to use hair tests instead of urine tests to determine drug use among commercial truckers and bus drivers. But some experts say the tests are flawed and more likely to be contaminated by factors other than drug use, especially when testing black Americans.

Amanda Chicago Lewis 3 years ago

Here's Where You Can Actually Smoke Weed When You're Traveling In The U.S.

New data from Hipmunk shows that more people are considering taking a domestic "pot vacation." But what are the exact laws?

Annie Daly 4 years ago

The Dark Side Of Medical Marijuana's Miracle Drug

Certain compounds in cannabis have serious medical potential for everyone from cancer patients to children suffering from seizures. But patients and parents have no way to distinguish the snake oil salesmen from the trustworthy companies.

Amanda Chicago Lewis 4 years ago

Controversial Ohio Pot Legalization Proposal Makes The Ballot

The ResponsibleOhio campaign to legalize medical and recreational marijuana has qualified for the 2015 ballot. Many local political officials and national marijuana activists oppose the plan, saying it would create a marijuana cartel.

Amanda Chicago Lewis 4 years ago

Why A Former Boy-Bander Is Bankrolling This Hated Pot Legalization Proposal

This fall, a potential marijuana legalization initiative in Ohio would give control of all commercial pot farms to the group of investors who are bankrolling the campaign. The plan, which many call a monopoly, has infuriated local officials and weed activists nationwide.

Amanda Chicago Lewis 4 years ago

Texas Officials Release Full Sandra Bland Autopsy, Results Show No Signs Of Homicide

Waller County sheriff officials said they believe Bland died in her cell the morning of July 13, from asphyxiation with a trash bag, three days after she was pulled over for not using her turn signal and then arrested for allegedly assaulting an officer.

Tasneem Nashrulla 4 years ago

Aide To California Senate Leader Accepted Pot Gifts From Marijuana Lobbyist

A political adviser to California Senate Leader Kevin de León accepted vape pens and edibles from a marijuana industry lobbyist while talking about how to best convince de León to support a cannabis regulatory bill currently in the state Senate. Although the interaction was not illegal, ethics experts agree it violated the spirit of the law.

Amanda Chicago Lewis 4 years ago

Goodbye To Shakedown Street, The Grateful Dead's Traveling Drug Bazaar

Grateful Dead concerts have long attracted a carnival of drug hustlers and self-reliant hippies to a parking lot bazaar known as Shakedown Street. But at the first two of the band’s five final shows ever, the marketplace was a shadow of its former self.

Amanda Chicago Lewis 4 years ago

Feds Remove Some—But Not All—Barriers To Pot Research

The Department of Health and Human Services is making it easier to research potential therapeutic uses for marijuana—but getting approval and funding for medical marijuana research will still be difficult.

Amanda Chicago Lewis 4 years ago

California's Most Effective Pot Lobbyist Used To Be A Cop

The state has the largest, most chaotic cannabis market in the nation. Thanks in part to the gregarious ex-cop who is negotiating on behalf of the pot industry, marijuana activists and legislators are close to a deal to rein it in.

Amanda Chicago Lewis 4 years ago

Everyone Wants A Marijuana Breathalyzer But No One Knows If That's Possible

Investors, state governments, employers — everyone wants a functional marijuana breathalyzer to test whether someone is high at a given moment. But that may not be possible.

Amanda Chicago Lewis 4 years ago