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15 Things Book Lovers Will Understand

Because books are better than people.

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1. You can’t stop yourself from buying books.

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2. You could stay in a bookstore for hours.

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3. You find it difficult to let others borrow your books.

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4. You love the smell of new books.

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5. You find yourself constantly adding to your to-read list.

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6. You buy new books at any chance you can, even though you have a decent amount of unread books.

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7. Books = Happiness.

8. You have to read the book before watching the movie.

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9. You can’t imagine your life without books.

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10. People always ask you what your favourite book is, but the concept of having a favourite book scares you.

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11. You never seem to have enough bookshelf space.

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12. Falling in love with a character.

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13. You tell yourself that you won’t buy anymore books until you finish the ones you have at home.

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14. Purposely buying multiple copies of one book.

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Newer editions with different artworks are my weakness.

15. Did I mention that you can’t stop buying books?

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