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13 Of The Best Bird Videos

You've heard of the dog celebrity.. the cat celebrity.. But get ready for... the BIRD CELEBRITY!!!

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1. Turn up the volume! 'Cause this bird is one gentle fella

Effsie / Via

2. Need a spoon? She got you

pacer_salem / Via

3. You thought your parents were proud when they taught you how to ride a bike? Imagine bird.

happytheeclectus / Via

4. Birds fart too... kind of

ghoulsnake / Via

5. Do you ever feel like a plastic bag.. drifting through the wind.. wanting to start again?

みり@コザクラインコ / Via

6. A loving dad

weheartparrots / Via

7. Wait for it...

みり@コザクラインコ / Via

8. You haven't truly heard a good laugh until now

HannahMdc / Via

10. When your buddy ain't feeling well

Buddy Berry / Via

11. Why use your hands to pick up things when you can use a bird

Tiny Nestling / Via

12. ???

himawari_the_googlyeyes / Via

13. The X-Files

ompb / Via
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