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Which Member Of Pizza Hut Are You?

Are you cool, funny, chic or sassy? Odd’s are if you said ‘yes’, you are definitely like at least one of these lovely ladies of 115 Giles. Take the quiz to find out which one you are most like/which one you should take to the Moonshadow Tavern next week! Turn up.

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  1. What is your party pump-up song?

    Love on Top by Bey Bey
    Side to Side by A Grandizzle
    Honestly, mine's Monster.
  2. What is your favorite type of hat?

    Floppy Hat (only when I'm wasted)
    Hats don't fit over my hair.
  3. What grosses you out?

    Cockroaches, spiders, umm a little bit of vomit?
    Someone who cracks their knuckles
    The word "curd"
  4. What's your favorite midnight snack?

    I'm a Mac n Cheese gal
    I just like to eat. It doesn't matter.
    Jimmy John's
  5. How do you exercise?

    Uh (pause) Uh (pause) Uh Uh
    Intramural Sports
    Run/Elliptical/Abs/Lift Weights/Shaking my booty
    Uh.... I walk a lot.
  6. What turns you on?

    A good back scratch
    A nice, genuine smile
    A good beard
    Someone who can keep up with me
  7. Who's your favorite Mickey Mouse Character?

    Donald Duck
    Minnie Mouse
  8. What's your go-to accessory?

    Hoop Earrings
    My glasses?
    A scarf
    Denim on top :)
  9. What's your favorite gardening tool?

    a hoe.
    Watering Can
    What kind of question is this?
  10. What's your favorite type of pizza?

    Chicken Ranch
    Buffalo Chicken Wing duh
    Gusta in Florence
    Two Bros.

Which Member Of Pizza Hut Are You?

You got: Molly Makowiec

The beautiful, the charming and the classiest of the house— you got the queen herself, Molly Makowiec. In between sipping gin & tonics and buying lingerie, you’ve got some bomb ass taco dip in the oven just ready to share with the rest of your friends. You are the go-to party planner and you rock the house with your low cut leotards. Go you! You’re fierce!

Molly Makowiec
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You got: Brooke Shilling

It’s real yo. You are the poised, adventurous, pug-lovin’ princess Brooke Shilling. Though you are little, you are fierce and you make everyone feel that they are just as special. You’re a city girl livin’ in the good old Ith. In between werkin and twerkin at the Waffle Frolic, you frolic into peoples lives with goofy jokes, cute smirks, and that mornin’ cup of Joe. This one’s for Doug the Pug.

Brooke Shilling
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You got: Alyssa Napier

Oooooo girl you in luck cause you got the silly, spunky, and sassy Alyssa Napier!! You prefer to drink milk out of a wine class and are sure to brighten up anyone’s day, especially if they bought you Taco Bell. Next time you go out, make sure to down some Throat Coat cause you’re gunna belt the night away.

Alyssa Napier
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You got: Rachel Wong

Aloha!!!! **voom voom voom voom** Why, hello there. You got the nicest (battement) kindest (battement) and most flexible (battement) girl in the world (cooter slam), THE Rachel Wong! Your radiance fills up the room and your smile makes everyone feel like they’re in paradise. You take everyone with you on a Hawaiian roller coaster rideeee

Rachel Wong
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