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    This Stranger Things Look Alike Is V STRANGE

    I bet you didn't know you needed to see a more perfect twin resemblance of Steve Harrington (no offense, Jean-Ralphio Saperstein)... but you do.

    LISTEN UP. I have something the world needs to know. My husband looks just like Steve Harrington of Stranger Things.

    @alyssaleighcates / Via Instagram: @alyssaleighcates

    His name is Daniel Cates. This was his costume last Halloween. I MEAN. TBH I didn't see this resemblance until EVERYONE (even #strangers) kept staring and telling us of this uncanny resemblance.

    Don't see it? Don't worry - just hang on tight baby bird...I'll feed you.

    @alyssaleighcates / Via

    UMMMMMM WHO IS THIS THO?! Am I taking a selfie with my husband OR IS THIS STEVE HARRINGTON? It's my husband, just fyi.

    Still don't see it? Alright.

    @alyssaleighcates / Via Instagram: @alyssaleighcates

    Here you will find screenshots of my recent insta story ~which~ I'd like to point out, had over 30 message replies strongly agreeing with this look alike. Honestly, Ellen, contact us anytime.

    Let's break this down for people who still need convincing.

    lauren apel photography / Via

    Here is Steve Harrington intently staring at me on my wedding day. Jk, this is my husband, Daniel, but I GOT YOU DIDN'T I?

    And again.

    @alyssaleighcates / Via Instagram: @alyssaleighcates

    I can do this all day.

    Just one more.

    @alyssaleighcates / Via

    Crazy, right?


    I know, Steve, I know.

    So strange.

    @alyssaleighcates / Via giphy
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