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    Ranking All Of The Couples From "Friends" From “Emotional Hell” To “He’s Her Lobster”

    “Could they BE any more suited for each other..."

    Last year, I wrote a post where I ranked all of the couples from New Girl.

    Now I’m back with another couple ranking list! This time around, I’ll be ranking the couples from the iconic sitcom, Friends!

    Of course, a show following a group of friends from their mid-20s to 30s would have a lot of dating shenanigans, so keep up because I have a lot of relationships to cover!

    FYI for the sake of length, I didn’t include all of the people the main characters date. If I did, the list would be ridiculously long. All of the couples that are on the list have been together for at least two episodes.

    **WARNING** For those who’ve missed out on the Friends bandwagon or have just started watching the series, there will be major *spoilers ahead*!!!

    34. Rachel and Barry

    33. Joey and Ursula

    32. Phoebe and Parker

    31. Rachel and Paolo

    30. Monica and Bobby

    29. Ross and Mona

    28. Ross and Bonnie

    27. Frank Jr. and Alice

    26. Ross and Elizabeth

    25. Rachel and Tag

    24. Joey and Kate

    23. Rachel and Paul

    22. Ross and Emily

    21. Joey and Kathy

    20. Carol and Susan

    19. Joey and Charlie

    18. Phoebe and Eric

    17. Rachel and Danny

    16. Phoebe and Gary

    15. Rachel and Joshua

    14. Jack and Judy Geller

    13. Ross and Julie

    12. Ross and Charlie

    11. Joey and Janine

    10. Joey and Rachel

    9. Rachel and Ross

    8. Monica and Pete

    7. Rachel and Gavin

    6. Chandler and Janice

    5. Chandler and Kathy

    4. Monica and Richard

    3. Phoebe and David

    2. Phoebe and Mike

    1. Monica and Chandler

    Again, these are my personal rankings and opinions, so let me know in the comments which couple was your favorite in the series!