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    Did You Know That You Can Turn Regular Yogurt Into Greek Yogurt?

    It's super easy!

    How To Turn Yogurt Into Greek Yogurt


    64 ounces plain yogurt

    3 paper towels


    1.Place a colander over a large bowl, then press 2 paper towels into the bottom.

    2.Scoop out the yogurt into the paper towels, then press the last paper towel on top of the yogurt.

    3.Sit for about 1 hour, letting the whey drip out. The longer you let it sit, the thicker the yogurt will be. Refrigerate the draining setup if longer than 1 hour to keep freshness.

    4.Peel off the top paper towel, then lift the yogurt out of the colander and transfer into a large bowl.

    5.Mix the yogurt until it reaches a smooth consistency, then save for later use!

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