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Literature Makes The World A Better Place

Human's have innovated and created so many different things during our time as a leading species on earth. So many in fact that we get sidetracked of how positive and important everything really is... literature, for example, is one of those things.

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How can something made up make the real world better? / Via

In the case of fictional literature, more meets the eye then just a convoluted story of widespread evil, or a sci-fiction depiction of world's end. Fictional literature allows people all over the world to be inspired by things such as heroic acts, creative imagery and ideas, different perspectives of situations, and the ability to create common interest groups that bond and bring people together. Have you ever wondered how many people come together to appreciate Harry Potter? Let's just say J.K. Rowling's novels themselves created more revenue from her books than from the movies, and people still say "Who reads anymore anyways".

What's so special about books?

Books were not always used for entertainment purposes'. Thousands of years ago when people started making discoveries and inventions, people had to verbally explain and pass on the information and knowledge they had gained. The ability to save and learn the information of other people allowed technology to be studied and followed after the idea was initially created. For example, high school texts books such as Investigating Science 10 carries more information than any single teacher could on their own. Imagine if books were never created, us as humans would still be taking shelter in caves and eating bugs for breakfast.

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Literature Makes The World A Better Place

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Literature is one of the best teachers available

Literature is filled with so much information, insight, thoughts and possibilities that can be seen in different ways. So many in fact that even humans cannot retell emotions as clearly as writing them down can do. Literature has taught children and adults all over the world the importance of different values and attitudes we must have in order to keep our communities a loving and happy place to be apart of. By writing down these emotions in similar situations, literature can help guide people.

Literature ranges across religious and cultural barriers

With movies and music broadcasting modern pop culture rather extremely these days... most pieces of media are not accepted across the world the way books are. Books, even though darker and scarier thoughts may be shared, do not have an intended way of reading the words. For example, a man yelling in a movie may seem vulgar and disrespectful for the wrong reason, while literature may properly explain and justify the reasons. Stories can also be related to a larger picture, rather than the minor or silly story it represents to get a point across.

Are movies better story tellers than books?

In movies, only so much time can be filmed meaning corners are cut and ideas are not always fully explained. In literature, the thoughts, beliefs, and idea's of each character may be presented, ultimately giving a better performance. Whenever you hear people saying the book was much better, their probably right. Why wouldn't you want to be able to understand the thoughts of your favorite character as well as possible?

Literature can make examples for people

Literature has a way of making you feel encouraged to do something. As all emotions can be expressed deeper in literature, the influence and motivation for success and becoming a better person are intensified. Quotes and poems are types of literature used by many as inspiration and reminders to stick to goals and ideas. If literature did not have this effect, it is most likely possible that things such as fitness goals would be less effective. The use of poems and quotes are often used to represent positive ideas likes being more kind or making a personal change.

Books take so long to read though

As time consuming as reading may be, there is no time limit at which a piece of literature must be finished by. This makes for a rather beneficial hobby. Being able to take your time allows you to really get involved in the novel enhancing the experience and enjoyment of reading. Literature is a beautiful way of positively spending time alone that is both healthy for your brain, and can be repeated over and over again.

Literature can stimulate emotions

The book called Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is a children's book regarding the different emotions a young boy feels throughout one particularly horrible day. This book finishes with him being happy with his family after saying he hates them and everything along with it because of his bad day. This book can help other children when having a bad day as it gives them someone to relate to, knowing that things will get bad but things will always get better again.

Reading, a clear choice for success

Reading helps us understand each other better as humans, increases our knowledge, and allows us to enjoy media to the fullest. Literature truly does make the world a better place and it will always have an irreplaceable spot in human storing of information, and history.

  1. What is the benefit of reading over movies

    A better understanding of every character
    It costs less
    It provides you with free time from other people
  2. What comes from reading

    All of the above
  3. What forms does literature come in

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    Books and poems
    Video games
  4. Literature has been around for

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    100 years
    1 000 000 years
    5 000 years
    10 000 years
  5. Reading causes long term blindness


Literature Makes The World A Better Place

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