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The Ultimate Sia Costume Guide For Halloween

It's clear that it was THE year for Australian singer/songwriter Sia. With her new song "The Greatest" taking over the radio right on the heels of "Cheap Thrills" - cover up your face and give a nod to 2016's queen of pop this Halloween! You'll be in good company this year, with celebs such as Ellen and Kelly Clarkson, already donning the bangs! There are so many different ways to pay tribute to Sia, here are a few!

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“The Greatest” Maddie

RCA Records / Via

Be "The Greatest" this Halloween like Maddie Ziegler on the cover of Sia's "This is Acting" (Deluxe Edition)! Grab a black wig, facepaint or your fav eyeshadow palette & a gray leotard or tank!

“Paper Bag” Sia

Sia / Via

Last minute costume party invite tonight? Dress up as Sia with some accessories that are surely tucked away in your house! All you need is a large brown paper bag, black marker & white tee. EASY!

Have fun! Be safe! And be "The Greatest" at the party tonight!

Sia's new deluxe version of "This is Acting" is available now. Check it out!

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