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    Decorate Your Room For Fall And We'll Give You Autumn Outfit Inspo.

    Fall isn't just about pumpkin spice lattes ya' know

    1. Welcome to your bedroom! It's almost autumn and you want to make your room nice and colorful for the season!
    2. Your mom gave you her credit card to use and said you can go to the mall and buy ANYTHING you want. Are you ready?
    3. First things first, pick something to hang on the door to your room
    4. Now, pick something to go over your headboard
    5. You pass a store that has throw pillows for sale! Choose one for your bed
    6. On your way to another store, you pass the food court. What drink are you drinking?
    7. Now, pick out a throw blanket to stay nice and cozy

    8. Clearance Section! Pick out a fun fall mug!

    9. Lastly, pick out a nick nack for your dresser.

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