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8 Essential College Dorm Foods

In every college dorm, you're bound to find some of the same things. But what are THE quintessential foods you cannot survive college without? Here we list the 8 definitive foods you will 10/10 find in every dorm room.

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8. Some Kind of Candy

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Literally, it doesn't matter what kind. But there is no way you will make it through college life without some sort of secret stash of candy. It's a great remedy for a bad day, midterms stress, essays stress, friend stress, and as a reward for good grades. In other words, you will keep running out, telling yourself you don't need any more, and then buying 5 lb bags of leftover Halloween candy. Just go with it. Bonus: you can use this to make friends.

7. Protein Bar

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You bought a whole box of these back in October when you decided that you were going to EAT HEALTHY and WORK OUT. Neither of these options worked out, and you've gone through three packs of Oreos in the time that it's taken you to eat just one of these. However, they're just sitting there at the bottom of the drawer anyway, trying to intimidate you into eating them. It's definitely not working.

6. Insomnia Cookies / Via

While this doesn't technically count as a dorm food, there will be lots of these involved in college life. And probably lots of leftovers sitting around in your room because "The 24-pack had a crazy deal so you just HAD to get it." Fun fact: even when they're not warm, Insomnia Cookies are still melty and squishy. Not sure how this works, but I don't think anyone's complaining.

5. Ramen Noodles


And, no, we all know I don't mean the Japanese dish. I mean those little packets of bland noodles coupled with the pockets of sodium--er, flavor. Coming in beef, shrimp, or chicken flavor, Ramen Noodles is like the classy version of Kraft Mac and Cheese. If you're really fancy, maybe you'll throw in a couple veggies of your own that you pocketed in the dining hall last night. You probably won't though.

4. Microwaveable Mac n Cheese

Kraft Mac and Cheese / Via

An oldie but a goodie. Honestly, I'm 90% sure your taste buds regress to first grade when you go to college. So, remember when your mom used to make you these deliciously cheesy noodles for lunch on Saturdays? You'll now be making them for Breakfast, Lunch, and probably Dinner for 5 out of 7 days of the week.

3. Popcorn

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At college, there are pretty much too options for Friday night: movie night or bar crawl. When you're already hung over, really the former's the only option. And what's essential for a movie night with your friends? Microwaveable popcorn. Pretty much everyone has a couple bags of this stockpiled in their food drawer.

2. Carton of Spoiled Milk

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Your mom called you and told you some horror story about someone dying because they didn't get enough milk. So, you went out and got this carton. You drank exactly one glass, and then you put it back in your mini fridge, never to be seen again. Months later, you will take it out, wonder if it is good to drink still, smell it, take a cautionary sip, and then return it to the fridge in horror. You will think about how college students are gross.

1. Pop Tarts

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If you're saying you don't feel like a Pop Tart right now, you're lying to yourself. Your mom used to tell you these didn't count as a nutritional breakfast, but now you'll be relying on those two little pastries for life's sustenance. At least you can get Strawberry flavor and get some fruit in your system? (Spoiler alert: there is no real fruit in Pop Tarts).

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