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13 Images That Will Make You Look At Pennies Differently

Treat every penny like it's your lucky penny.

1. Each of us overlooks a multitude of beautiful things every single day. Consider, for example, the penny.

2. The penny is aesthetically pleasing but slight. We tend to hide them in piggy banks, cupholders, or cluttered drawers.

3. Which is fine. The penny doesn't need the glamor or the spotlight.

4. No matter what we use it for, the penny just does its job.

5. Gather enough pennies together in one place and their value gets harder to ignore.

6. That's why it's good to sometimes remember that the value of a penny, like all overlooked things, is a matter of perspective.

7. After all, no one says "A dollar saved is a dollar earned"...

8. ...and we don't say "It was worth every quarter."

9. No, the saying goes "It was worth every penny."

10. We say that because, even if we sometimes forget, we know every penny has value.

11. Like, literally.

12. In fact, the penny doesn't just have value — it is a unit of value. It gives value to other things by defining their worth.

13. And that's why, when you really think about it, overlooking the penny just doesn't make cents.

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