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The 11 Emotional Stages Your Dog Goes Through When A Baby Moves In

So many emotions. Babies and puppies can be a lot to manage. An Allstate Agent understands. Find out surprising ways they can help make life easier.

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So you're the dog. The top dog. Mister big man on campus.

And life is pretty awesome.

Until the baby human shows up...

Stage 1: Confusion / Via

"Wait... What the heck is that thing? I think it's moving, maybe even breathing?"

Stage 2: Fear

"Keep that furless, mini person away from me."

Stage 3: Paranoia / Via

"Scratch that — keep me away from that roly-poly, tiny human."

Stage 4: Ignorance


"Keep calm, and pretend that the little poop factory doesn't even exist."

Stage 5: Annoyance


"Oh, this toy isn't mine? Let me just leave it right here for you."

Stage 6: Competition

"Me me me me me me me look at me me me, I can do tricks and chase balls and shake, me me me me me!"

Stage 7: Frustration

"Fine! I didn't want to play with you ANYWAY!"

Stage 8: Depression / Via

"Just stop. The tiny person's crying again."

Stage 9: Acceptance

abc Network / Via

"OK, so it's not so bad when it's not crying or moving."

Stage 10: Friendship

"Yup, you know what, I could get used to this."

Stage 11: Inseparability / Via

"This right here is my little human, and I'm never leaving its side ever."

Puppies and babies can be difficult; an Allstate Agent gets it. Check out new, surprising ways they can help.