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Expectation Vs. Reality: Decorating Your House

You start with the best of intentions. And then, well... at least you tried. Life doesn’t always turn out as planned. Luckily an Allstate Agent can help lighten the load, in surprising new ways.

1. Painting your walls a FUN color.


2. Hanging gorgeous framed artwork!


3. Coming up with efficient storage solutions.

4. Foregoing the curtains to let the natural light in.

5. Setting up a tidy home office.

6. Designing a modern living room.

7. Filling your home with houseplants.

8. Designing an elegant guest bathroom.

9. Filling your shelves with pictures of friends and family.

10. Using a stylish and practical bowl to house your keys.

You tried.

Life can surprise you. So can an Allstate agent. Check out the surprising ways the Good Hands are doing more than ever before.

All photos from ThinkStock.