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Definitive Proof That Puppies And Babies Make Adorable Siblings

So you've nailed this whole puppy parenting thing. Now you're ready for the real deal... Check out how an Allstate Agent can help you and your adorable new family.

1. This baby getting kisses from his best bud:

2. This little guy getting his very first raspberry!

3. These best friends who are joined at the hip:

Via David Fulmer / CC By http://2.0 / Flickr: daveynin

4. This baby girl who can't escape all this love!

5. The best snuggle in the history of the world.

6. This puppy who is in solidarity with his companion:

Charles Cormany / Getty Images

7. This puppy who knows they belong together but just... can't... get there!

8. This bubble-popping pup who is just a riot:

9. They could do this all day.


10. This stare down of love:

11. This roly-poly duo:

12. These bosom buddies who do everything together, even dream:

13. These guys who are "walking" each other!

14. These trick-or-treaters who've been planning their costumes for months!


15. This all-encompassing baby hug:

16. This kiss that says it all:

Constance Bannister Corp / Contributor / Getty Images

17. And this puppy and his soulmate: