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10 Signs Your Soccer Team Just Can't Catch A Break

It's like your team is cursed! We all know that luck comes and goes, but why why why does it have to be your team suffering and not someone else's! But don't get mad, get even by sending bad luck back to your rival team. #enviamalasuerte

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1. You draw penalties all the time, but can never just put it away.


These are basically goals served up on a silver platter, yet you still can't convert.

2. The referee was clearly paid off by the other side.

Repubblica TV / Via

The ref is always the perpetual bad guy. And sometimes he works for the other side... so it seems.

3. Your own fans are inflicting injuries upon themselves to distract themselves from your team's unlucky record.


This is not good. Nope. Not at all.

4. You get so close, but no matter what happens, you cannot seem to find the back of the net.


Believe it or not, that ball did not go in the goal.

5. Even when goals are basically given to you, wrapped up with a bow on top, it still doesn't work.


Nothing is working for you right now. Absolutely nothing.

6. Nature has also taken a stance against your team.

Teleclub / Via

It doesn't matter if it's cute and cuddly... it's still against you!

7. It's literally like no one is noticing anything you do anymore.


You know the ref is paid off, but someone must be watching, right? Mom?

8. The goalpost has it out for your team.


Did someone hire witch doctors to curse the woodwork again?

9. Own goals are a fact of life. They happen to everyone... right? Right?


Wrong. Shame.

10. And to make matters worse, it looks like your team has never played a day in their lives.


You know your team just needs a lucky break, but sheesh!