23 Things You Start Doing Once The Relationship Is Official

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1. You tell your close friends first.


They’re the lucky ones to hear the news before anyone else.

2. Then you tell your family.


They ask, “When do we get to meet them?”

3. And then you (pretty much) let the world know.


It’s official!

4. And pretty soon all your photos on social media are of your significant other.



5. You start referring to each other as “we.”


Friend: What are you doing this 4th of July?
You: I think we’re going camping!

6. You hold hands in public proudly!

And it’s the greatest feeling.

7. You start giving each other pet names and texting all the time.


You even downloaded other apps to keep in touch.

8. You like everything your significant other puts online.

Twitter faves = love IRL.

9. And you actually wait to watch the next episode of your favorite TV show!

Just so you can watch it with your S.O. Awww.

10. You tell each other your secrets.

Because secrets don’t make friends…

11. You plan vacations together.


You even researched the best ways to save for one. Because you’re serious about it!

12. You’re not afraid to drop those three little words.


13. You get a set of keys to their apartment.

So if they forget their keys… you’re the one to save the day!

14. You start keeping a set of clothes and a toothbrush at their place.


They even have a drawer set aside for you.

15. You might even start sharing clothes!

And maybe matching? Who knows…

16. You’re very comfortable with discussing finances.

So comfortable that you made a spreadsheet together to budget bills and other expenses.

17. You get reallllly comfortable with each other.


You don’t even care if they let out a burp or release gas. You love them just the same.

18. You learn how to split time between families.


Alternating between holidays is a breeze! Thanksgiving with his family this year and Christmas with yours.

19. They become your emergency contact.

But your mom is still second in line!

20. You start thinking about your future together…


Do we want kids? Should we live in the city or the suburbs? What about insurance?

21. …and eventually you move in with each other!


You don’t even mind being domestic.

22. You obviously get a pet together.

Jake Russell

Something you can take care of together!

23. You enjoy each other’s company without having to do anything.


Shall we just snuggle on the couch? Sure.

And most importantly, you ensure your partner is always safe and accounted for, even when they’re not with you.

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