10 Stories Of Acceptance That Will Fill You With Hope

Letting people know who you truly are takes guts, but the people you tell can make that experience even more rewarding. Celebrate who you are, and know that with an Allstate Agent, you can always be your true self. Click here to find an agent near you.

1. The High Schooler Who Came Out In Front Of His Entire School

When Jacob Rudolph decided to come out, he decided to do it in a big way. The high school senior came out over 300 of his fellow classmates during a school assembly, which was followed by a standing ovation!

2. The Girl Who Says It With Dessert

Laurel decided to come out to her parents the best way she knew how, with cake! Following her mother finding the cake, she says they hugged and cried together.

3. The Brave Solider Who Came Out To His Father

AreYouSuprised / Via youtube.com
AreYouSuprised / Via youtube.com

Right after repeal of DADT, 21-year-old Randy Phillips decided to let his father, and the world know who he truly was. After turning the camera on, Jacob nervously called his father to tell him he was gay, to which his father replied, “I still love you, son.”

4. The Brother Whose Sister Loves Him No Matter What

Jesse Duke / Via youtube.com

This brother came out to his sister live on YouTube!

5. The Mormon Who Came Out To All His Family And Friends

Jimmy Hales / Via youtube.com

Jimmy, a gay Mormon, decided to film himself coming out to his friends and family.

Jimmy Hales / Via youtube.com

He came out to his brother, mother, roommates, and his life-long best friend.

6. The Son That Didn't Even Know He Already Came Out

FCKH8 / Via facebook.com

After overhearing his son’s phone conversation about his plan to come out, this father wrote a letter to his son that not only made it easier for his son, but showed him that he was there for him no matter what.

7. The Proud And Gutsy High School Girl

Kayla Kearney / Via youtube.com

This brave high school student came out to her peers at a school-wide assembly and gave a beautiful talk about pride and acceptance.

8. The Guy With The Awesome Friends

Levi A. Miles / Via huffingtonpost.com

Levi was touched at the response made by his friends to his Facebook comment.

9. The Two Daddies

robbiedannysman / Via youtube.com

These parents decided to tell their 6 year old daughter what it means to be gay by bringing her to a Pride Parade. They showed her that they weren’t afraid to be #outholdinghands.

10. The Student With An Unbelievably Supportive Teacher

daftzak Via Reddit / Via queerty.com

This student was just responding to a writing prompt given by his teacher, he never expected to get this amazing response in return.

Be proud to be #outholdinghands with the one you love.

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