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10 Stories Of Acceptance That Will Fill You With Hope

Letting people know who you truly are takes guts, but the people you tell can make that experience even more rewarding. Celebrate who you are, and know that with an Allstate Agent, you can always be your true self. Click here to find an agent near you.

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Right after repeal of DADT, 21-year-old Randy Phillips decided to let his father, and the world know who he truly was. After turning the camera on, Jacob nervously called his father to tell him he was gay, to which his father replied, "I still love you, son."

6. The Son That Didn't Even Know He Already Came Out

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After overhearing his son's phone conversation about his plan to come out, this father wrote a letter to his son that not only made it easier for his son, but showed him that he was there for him no matter what.

10. The Student With An Unbelievably Supportive Teacher

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This student was just responding to a writing prompt given by his teacher, he never expected to get this amazing response in return.

Be proud to be #outholdinghands with the one you love.

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