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5 Reasons Why You Need Memes In Your Life

Memes are not just words on images, they are necessities to online culture. Find out why memes are life.

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5. It allows people to be creative.

Sir Soundwave/Know Your Meme / Via

Memes are user-generated content. Anyone (yes, you too!) can become a dank meme lord by creating their own versions and experiences with the help of Paint or meme generators.

There are many Facebook and Instagram accounts dedicated to producing and presenting memes.

Memes inspire people to create their own masterpieces.

Allan Pachino Wallace / Via Instagram: @allanpachino

Shown above is artist Allan Pachino Wallace with his salt art creation of the Salt Bae meme.

4. They raise awareness.

Don/Know Your Meme / Via

Memes can quickly raise awareness for a current event or issue, and can also lighten up controversial topics to start a conversation.

If you didn't know who Harambe was from the news, you would have most likely discovered him from the viral memes popping up all over social media sites. Harambe become one of the most well-known memes of 2016.

3. They connect people.

sluttyxjay / Via

People who share memes and meme-lingo can be considered in a community, and what better way to show your neighbour some love by showing them a fire meme?

Examples of popular meme lingo incorporated into everyday conversations include: "The feel when..."

2. They're relatable.

meirl/imgur / Via

amirite or nah?

Sometimes, it's hard putting our feelings into words. Send a meme to express your emotions. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words (don't forget the words on the meme).

What are your favourite memes? Share with us below!

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