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Which Cohabitant Of Merlot Are You Most Compatible With?

Take this quiz to find out which cohabitant of Merlot you would be most compatible with in a relationship!

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  1. Which is the most appealing to you?

  2. What is your ideal date with a girl?

    On a fall day, drive her (with the windows down) to hike for a few hours. There will be scenery and snacks, of course.
    Sporting event or front row at a concert.
    Fill the car with gas and drive until the tank is empty.
    Spend the day drinking on the beach.
  3. What is your spirit animal?

  4. What do you like in a girl?

    Bold and confident
    Rational and fun
    Independent and ambitious
    Affectionate and comfortable
  5. You take your girl to a family wedding and she...

    looks really hot and tears up during the ceremony
    gets super drunk (but doesn't puke!)
    become best friends with your mom and shamelessly dances
    gets champagne tipsy and dances all night
  6. Which scene do you find most relaxing?

    this sunny beach
    this sunny beach
    this mountainous hike
    this mountainous hike
    this stunning sunrise
    this stunning sunrise
    this untouched forest
    this untouched forest
  7. Pick a strange food combination.

    Spicy pesto chicken with m&m's
    Mac n cheese brownie ice cream sundae with a baguette
    Almond butter and peanut butter chocolate ice cream based quinoa chili with popcorn instead of crackers
    Sushi rolls made of Asian chicken and berries, served over ice cream
  8. What's your best quality?

  9. You let her plan your 5th anniversary trip. Where does she take you?

    Backpacking in Ireland and Northern Lights in Scotland
    Tour of Spain ending with fireworks and Tapas in Sevilla
    Wine tour in Sonoma, CA
    All-inclusive luxury resort
  10. How do you know she's in ~the mood~?


    She tells you
    She keeps kissing you
    She always is....
    She gives you a look and you just know
  11. How do you express your feelings for her?

    No words needed, just an authentic smile
    She already knows, but your genuine interest reminds her
    You tell her, duh
    Always leave her wanting more

Which Cohabitant Of Merlot Are You Most Compatible With?

You got: Alli!

Let the games begin. Your relationship with Alli (aka Half&Half) will never ever be boring. Prepare yourself to be with someone who will be a natural leader one moment and on her third whiskey sprite the next. Your future with her is guaranteed to be full of prosperity and fun!

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You got: Kathryn!

You want her, but you can't have her (unless you're Pierce then good job on the quiz)! We totally get it - Kathryn is the ideal girlfriend... that's why she's the taken one. Don't worry, you'll find someone else like her one day!

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You got: Alissa!

Good luck cuffing this one! Prepare yourself for a relationship based on studying, working out, and having fun together. You'll naturally be a power couple, but you need to make sure you can hold up your end of the bargain.

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You got: Kendel!

Get in line, buddy. She's your classic girl-next-door, but once you get to know her, you realize she's one in a million. She's not the one-night stand type, though, so don't try unless you mean business.

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