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    9 Handheld Portable Steam Cleaners That Will Turn You Into A Cleaning Machine

    Finally, a way to claim victory over that one stain you've been waging war on for years and years.

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    1. A Bissell SteamShot that heats up in just 30 seconds, and that'll turn every corner of your home into one of those super-satisfying before-and-after photos you see on the internet. 👀

    2. Aaand the deluxe version of that Bissell cleaner with a longer extension nozzle and more fun tools that will turn you into an absolute cleaning demon. Your family will no longer recognize you as you frantically steam every inch of your home like you're possessed.

    3. A steam cleaner with an 11-piece accessory set so you can be prepared for every kind of mess imaginable. Crusted-on soda between the car seats? Sorted. Disgusting grease stains on the counter that looks like they're about to gain sentience? No chance.

    4. A handheld steam cleaner that will become a cherished member of your household with its own "es-steamed" place in the closet that'll give you sick sense of satisfaction every time you complete the job.

    5. An extended-reach steamer that will give you a unique kind of relief as you power-clean corners of your bathroom that you've never actually seen clean before (and you've lived there for years).

    6. A compact steam cleaner with an intuitive design and handy-dandy indicator light that you'll wonder how you ever lived without each day as you pummel your home with water in vapor form.

    7. A cute handheld steamer that will pack a surprising punch of cleaning power, since it can hold up to 250 mL of water, meaning, lots and lots of steam per session so you don't have to keep refilling.

    8. An affordable mini steamer that's lightweight and compact (2.75 lbs!), so you'll have no problem carrying your new baby from room to room, obliterating dirt like it's your job.

    product image of the blue steamer and all the attachments

    9. A combination wet/dry vacuum and steam cleaner that performs the functions of three different appliances in one, so it's basically destined to become the MVP of your cleaning routine, if not the only player.

    This is going to be you, excited to clean the whole house after acquiring your steam cleaner:

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