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The Writers Behind "Broad City" Are Promising Us A "Rough Night", And Our Ovaries Are Imploding.

Come on Ladies, now let's get... Convicted of murder?

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And the award for Best Ensemble Cast You Didn't Know You Needed In Your Life Right Now goes to:

The first full-length trailer for Rough Night, a comedy from the writers of Broad City, just dropped... And so did all of my eggs.

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Seriously though, this cast is ***fire emoji***

The R-Rated romp follows a group of old friends, all of whom are meeting up in Miami for a Bachelorette Party after years apart.

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awkward friendship rituals,

dangerous drug-induced antics,

and your overall standard Bachelorette insanity ensues.

That is, until things start to get a little freaky...

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...And things quickly go from "freaky" to "freak accident".

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Not-so-long story short, our girls accidentally murder their stripper.

Magic Mike, more like Magic Yikes amirightladiesss.
The Film Experience / Via

Magic Mike, more like Magic Yikes amirightladiesss.

How will the Ladies get out of this? Will they get caught? Or does what happen in Miami stay in Miami?

Slashfilm / Via

One thing's for sure, we're all in for one Rough Night come June 16th.

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