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10 Things You Learn When You Work With Kids

The Top ten things people learn, when they begin working with children. Whether it is working at a daycare, as a Pre-School teacher, or as a teacher, you find working with kids can be both a tiring task and a joyous one.

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Prepare to get sick!


When working with kids, you can catch some pretty nasty bugs! From the common cold to Pnemonia, these kids take it to the next level with germs!

You will see EVERY TYPE of bodily fluid!


Speaking of germs...These kids also "bring down the house" when it comes to bodily fluids. Puke, Poo, Pee, Blood, Snot, you will (and have) seen it all. Not to mention, when they decide they want to share it with you, which could mean it being on your head, arm, shirt, or anywhere else these kiddos can reach.

You Will Cry...A Lot!


These kids can bring you tears of joy, pain, or sorrow. Accepting that it will happen, is the easiest part.

Kids are honest!


The person who came up with "honesty is the best policy" never met a child! They will tell you everything right or wrong about you, whether it is the bags under your eyes, or your height, they will never let you forget it!

Kids can be MEAN!


Kids can be truly cruel, especially when you work with older children. They will talk behind your back, name call, and be disrespectful. They are very crafty with their verbiage!

You will be underpaid!


There is so much work to be done, not to mention that most teachers pay out of pocket for most of their supplies, which is very difficult when you get paid just above minimum wage!

Parents can either be great or awful


Parents can either be actual facilitators and want to help their children, or can blame their child's learning problems on you. This can leave you feeling anxious and frustrated. However, the really nice parents, make you feel like you may have made a difference.

You will be exhausted!


Being tired comes with the territory, coffee becomes a life source!

Kids will break your heart


Some of the backgrounds and home lives of the children you care for, can be heartbreaking, and you only hope that you can make a difference for them.

It is all worth it


Yes, it can be gross, frustrating, hard, and exhausting, but the reason you do it is because the kids make it worth it. They can excite and amaze you, which makes everything worth it.

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