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What I Will Miss About My Roommates Part 2

things i forgot in the first one

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When ya all hear a knock on the door and are convinced its the leasing office coming to evict us all

Seeing ya favorite security guard

When all ya roommates hook up reggaeton remixes on the speakers and ya start blasting acoustic indie rock and now the two sounds are rivaling each other

When ya roommates are all gone for the weekend and the apartment is dark and lonely

Seein ya roommate get ready and she lookin good as shit and you're on the couch eating chinese food watching british television

When all ya roommates wine drunk or high and start speaking philosophically about trash rappers

Running into each other in the kitchen at 2pm right after we all wake up

Seein a nonresident of 901 reach confidently for a baked good on the table

Eating shit food

Waking up and there being ashes, beer bottles, and chinese food containers everywhere despite having no guests over it and it being a Tuesday

When ya parents ask if they can come up into the apartment

Watching Carrie get back with Big

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